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Big Back, Big Chest, Real Fast Question



this workout says to do 100 pushups and 50 pullups a day..
if i do it like this would i get the same results?

if i do that workout everyday like the program says will it work.. i don't have time to seperate the times when i do the pushups and pullups


Why does he call himself Ice Cube if he is not black?

i hate asians who think they are black rappers.


do you know the answer to my question then??


No, you will not get the same results as someone else...because you are not they.

You are also not a flower.


people who tested it out said they got good results too, but they did it how the article said to do it thoughout the day..

The Article:


if i do it all at once like the video i am saying would i get the same results as doing it throughout the day???




He's not calling himself Ice Cube. It's "Ice1Cube", asshole.

Then again, I hate anyone who thinks they are a rapper when they're not. Black, white, latino, Asians, albino-Cambodians, I don't care.


The comments on youtube are actually pretty funny...


you cant make anything grow "fast". anyone who tells you otherwise is either trying to sell you a shitty supplement or just plain full o' shit.

well developed chest and back will take you years to develop. get to work and stop looking for get rich fast programs.

and BTW, that asian guy back sucks ass. so there you have the answerr.


do this routine, eat cereal, one piece of fruit and one piece of fish a day = huge shoulders like his guy!

  • sure glad i can contribute to this incredible bodybuilding forum.


you can get big like that guy, but...

can you rap like him?



This program is not going to make you bigger. It will help your endurance if you struggle to lift. There's a guy at my gym who was benching 95 lbs. He was obviously stronger but just didn't have the muscular endurance to lift a greater weight. I encouraged him to suppliment his chest routine with push ups. He's now moved onto a reg routine.

If you want to lose weight, go do cardio. If you want to get strong, go lift heavy weight. If you want to look like a Beta Male, do this routine.

Good Luck with your goals.


You will get the same results if you follow that routine. Good luck!


...also don't forget to give yourself a pseudo-rap name too. I'd like to recommend "51Cent".


51 Cent is lame, you should use Jay A or notorious SMALL


What about 3pac? Stale Prince? Intern Dre? Snoop Kitty Kat? MC Philips head screw driver? Busta Poem, even?


Lololol! Aroma Flav?


Small Mommy Crutch? Easy F? Ice sphere? Ghetto Girls? KRS 2? Sean "b-dummy" Brush? Walk DMC? Vanilla Steam (or Chocolate Ice if you prefer)

I tried that when Waterbury first wrote it - all it did was aggravate my elbow and my shoulder. But I'm old, so what the fuck do I know?

runs back to SAMA LOL


interesting squat technique, never seen shoulders parallel to the floor before


Only one way to find out...do it and then come back and show us how it worked for ya.