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Big Assistance Lifts: Double Progression or Rest Pause?

After my main lifts for the day, I am wanting to do either:

3 sets of double progression in the 4 to 6 range or 6 to 8 range


Working to 1 top set of 4 to 6 or 6 to 8 reps rest pause style

I am a natural lifter but basing my program on your article “How I added 100 pounds to deadlift” program design.

Thanks for your time

Well both will have pros and cons. If you can tolerate neurological work better than volume I’d go with the rest/pause, if you have a harder time recovering from neurological work go with the straight sets at an 8/10 RPE

Thank you for the response.
Would you ever do blocks of one or the other for a few weeks and then switch to the other just to mix things up?
Also for a natural is 3 sets for double progression about the number that you would prescribe?

Sure, double progression for accumulation blocks, rest/pause for intensitication

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