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Daily motivation:

Best quote from the article, "He is leaning against surgery. He'd have to undergo a drastic version of the procedure and would face severe diet restrictions afterward. "Them telling me I can't have fried fish or fried chicken is telling me they can't have my stomach."

Give me a break.


We live in an amazing society that enables people to actually eat themselves in that position.


As simple as this sounds, what Zap said gets really complex if you think about it for any length of time.

All of the energy stored on that man's body is food others in parts of the world weren't able to get but desperately needed. As simple as this sounds it gets really complex if you think about it.


Could you imagine how far that guy could walk/run if he was able to put that fat to use (without the onset of FATigue).


That's not true. Our age of gluttony is possible because we live in a time when food is so plentiful and cheap.

There are areas of starvation in the world because the land is poorly managed and the governments are corrupt. Not because the food isn't available. Getting it to those people is the challenge.


Just think of all the work others put into it so this guy could get fat.

Someone had to shop for him, cook for him, clean for him, etc. just so he can lay in bed and eat.

It boggles my mind.


You notice i says that he lost 156lbs while being bed ridden? Yeah he lost moe muscle than fat, I bet he'll never be able to walk again


Big day for "inspirational" stories about the obese:


This guy was almost 1,100 pounds!

Money quote:

Deuel, 43, says it has been frustrating not to be able to lose weight and humiliating to be called names ? 'Fat Pat' was a common childhood taunt ? but he's not one to analyze a life defined by obesity.

"I always thought it was a problem that some people had and other people didn't like," he says simply.

Deuel was a fast-food junkie hooked on pizza, chips, beef jerky and chili dogs. He also gobbled down cherry blintzes and ambrosia (a creamy fruit, marshmallow and coconut concoction). Even now, his face brightens when he mentions his favorite foods.

While those days are over, Deuel doesn't believe in total deprivation.

He exercises with bar bells and weights, but still smokes (he's cut down to a pack a day), saying he can't kick two bad habits at once. And he defiantly refuses to consider any foods taboo.

"If you have a craving and don't take care of it, it's going to grow and grow and grow and it's going to make you do something stupid ? binge," he says.

That gastric bypass had a huge impact on his lifestyle decisions. . . .


Hey, guys, it's not his fault. It's his glands, or his metabolism, or some other cause. He is a victim of a disease. He was always too busy to work out, and he had injuries. He tried to eat right- he always had a salad with his supersized Whopper combo. We, the non-obese, should all chip in to buy mobility scooters for the unfortunately fat. Put the whaling harpoons down, and bring out the love.