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Big Arms?


how big is "big"?

16? 18 inches?


It depends...

On a pro bodybuilder? Its over 20".

For a regular guy who works out to look good, I would say 18"...


Mine are 16.5"R and 16"L cold and flexed and they are by no means big, actually I think they are shite. (Note to self, punish arms this afternoon.)

Having said that I'm 6"1" so maybe on someone shorter they may appear "bigger".

I reckon 18" is big, on anyone.


I'm 5'10 and both are just over 18". They stretch any shirt I wear, so you tell me.


Depends on your frame I think. I'm 6'3" with about 15.75" arms, they don't look anything special. A friend of mine on the other hand, who is 5'9" has 16" arms, and they look friggin huge.


At 18" I reckon yours are big then, and happy birthday.


Yeah, that seems to be the consensus from everone that sees them. Not to brag too much, but my arms are my genetic gift. It doesn't take much work to make them grow. And thanks for the b-day wish.


I'd have to say 18" as well. But, it's the tri's that make your arms look big when they are unflexed and hanging at your side.


I agree totally. Triceps are the bigger of the two muscle groups, so it only makes sense.


AK47. It's all about the triceps. Bi's are only big when you flex. the tricep gives your arm girth, especially when it's hanging by your side. Get into weighted dips!!


AK47 you look like you got some guns, what's the measurements?


I tend to think it is about both, even when at rest by your sides. I get comments on my biceps as well as general comments about my "arms'. Yes, triceps are important and or the larger muscle group...but small biceps won't look bigger regardless of how big your triceps are.

As far as what is considered "big", to the average sedentary person, anyone with arms over 16" is "big". Arms above 18" generally get stared at pretty damned often as nearly freakish or bodybuilding obsessed by those who don't follow it. 20" and above puts you in a very elite class (assuming you aren't just very very fat). I am sure most pro's measure in above that mark.


You're right, it is both, but when a guy has big bi's but small tri's the arms don't look "complete". I see many guys who could use more size on their tri's.


1) obligatory chick pic

2) I hate this discussion regarding inches cause it sounds like comparing the average T-nation penis size... 17 inches, 18 inches (jk)

I have average biceps but my tri's are pretty big...arms are 17in...

I was discussing body types with this girl, and I was like "my arms aren't big at all... i have a big back". then I flexed and she was like "WOW YOUR ARMS ARE HUGE", and she got out a tape measure.

I NEVER work my arms unless im bored in my room and do curls or something while watching a mma instructional or something.

I dont think my arms are huge, i have a friend shorter than me and his (guess-timating if mine are 17) are about 21 lol.

Anyway I'm much more obsessed with the size of my neck. approaching 20inches (19)



Ok, we can stop, but you started this remember? :stuck_out_tongue:



bigragoo- 1

xen- 0


ok. i'm not gay. promise. i say 18" for big arms with an obvious dependency on height / arm length. i just, for the first time ever, measured mine @ 17". i have no triceps. based on this, mine should look right @ ~ 19". i will now restate that i am not gay.



You're probably right. And honestly since this isn't a discussion of dudes' units, there isn't anything gay about measurements.


I don't think most pros have arms over 20 inches. Charles Poliquin once wrote a story about bodybuilders' arm measurements. I thought that he mentioned that Arthur Jones once measured the arms of many of the top bodybuilders of the 1970's, including Arnold Schwarzenegger. The only guy with arms over 20 inches was Sergio Oliva, and even by today's standards Oliva's arms were huge. Think about it...


You know someone whose arms are bigger than Schwarzenegger's?