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Big Arms, Free Grow!

Got a cool arm training tip? Reply to this thread with your tip and we’ll pick one of you to win TWO big tubs of Grow! MRP.

Let’s hear those biceps, triceps and forearm tips!

My arms respond best to less direct training. I feel that I get enough stimulus from rows, chins, bench press, etc. But it took experimenting to find the best plan for personal progress. So my best tip would be to experiment with various training protocol until you are getting results that you like and then stick with it.

CT’s 604 count works very well for me when doing arms.

For training triceps I like to use almost all decline movements. I especially like decline close grip bench. I also started doing post workout streches that were mentioned in stretch mark mass. Have not done this long enough to tell how well it works for me but it is still worth a try.
thanks, mikek

When I do standing curls with the EZ Bar I’ve found that if I flare my lats out against the insides of my arms I can’t cheat on the movement. I also feel like I get a much tighter squeeze that way at the top.
It works with dumbbells, too.

Little to no isolation exercises, stick with the compound movements. When you do use isolation exercises, make sure the load is maximal such as barbell curls for low reps.

I call it the tricep lean. Bring your arm up like you’re gonna punch somebody. Lean against the wall with the clenched fist and the arm bent to 90 degrees. Now push away with the bottom of your fist extending your arm as far as you can. Great tricep movement for in between sets. Angle your body to add resistance.

Reverse grip bicept curls…gotta lov’em

When it comes to arms, especially biceps, it is not about lifting heavy; it is about lifting correctly. Form is everything. Also, when it comes to arms, less is more. If you lifting your other parts correctly, arm exercises should compliment those other exercises. Sometimes I only lift biceps once a month and that is when I see the greatest results.

Use compound lifts. For biceps do chin-ups, for triceps use close-grip bench press.

i find if you stand with your back against a wall, you can really isolate the biceps when doing hammer curls.
the pump is incredible !


I recommend heavy board presses for triceps. Also for triceps- elbows out extensions with dumbbells and a band wrapped around the back and held in the palms of either hand for additional resistance. As a powerlifter, I rarely perform any curling movements to isolate the biceps, but my biceps have gotten thicker from doing heavy dumbbell rows. Every now and then I do wieghted chin-ups which helps as well.

To improve your forearm and bicep strength do towel pullups. After doing them for a few weeks, your regular pullups will be easier and you will be able to increase the volume of pullups.

Make sure you use a towel that is strong enough to support your weight(I sometimes use one towel per hand).

I find a drop-set declined alternating curls works best for me. Start as heavy as you can go for 8 reps. Grab a dumball thats about 20% less, and go for 8 again. Repeat this till you get to half of the original weight then switch to hammer curls in the same position at that weight until failure. Burns real good and good luck getting the shampoo to your head post workout.

My arms aren’t huge by any means but to get to their current size of 19.5" I have found close grip presses on an incline work very well for size and strength for the tri’s. As far as bicep work goes, heavy alternate d-bell curls (6 reps max) and heavy hammer curls can’t be beat.

Heavy one-arm clean and jerks will hit your biceps, triceps, and forearms. I like using my kettlebells for these but for those not into KBs, a dumbbell will work just fine. I don’t do any direct arm work, but for those who do, I imagine the one-arm C&J would be a great finisher to an arm workout.

I think that if you reply to this thread, you should also have to post an arm measurement.

Heavy-ass db curls (3-5reps) for biceps. Don’t worry about turning your hand or not, just do what comes naturally.

Heavy-ass lockout work (3-5reps) and J.M. presses(5-7reps) for triceps.

Arms measure 19.25 cold, first thing in the morning.

I find that the progressive overload theroy works best for me like EDT, constantly try to preform more and more work in a fixed or shortening time frame. Inrease your intensity and don’t forget to breath correctly. Use ISO movements sparringly, like when things are on maintaince or you are in a cutting cycle. Otherwise use compound movements for the majority of the time. I use all of these tips to improve on my arm development.

Reverse Grip Preacher Curls with a 3 second pause in the negative about two inches short of full arm extension, it’ll smoke the brachialis and give some size to arms that don’t work this muscle too much.

For triceps I like heavy close grip bench press, close grip board press (1,2,3), JM press, and barbell and dumbell extensions.