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Big and Small Packages


A few years ago on another BB forum, someone posted many pics from some miscellaneous contest.
I found the contrast interesting between these 2 competitors. I assure you these were NOT Photoshopped.








Left: topless female bodybuilder.
Right: testicle cancer.


This thread delivers. But I don't think I want what it delivered.


(Dwarfs taste like waffles)

(not that I would know, of course)


Yeah, but the question for the guys is, which would you rather be?
And for the ladies, which would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with?






Not fair for me to comment as I have both.

Any ladies interested in a desert island get away?


I think the dude on the right put his calves in his speedo or somethin...


hahahahahahahhahaaha with the avatar!


Loudog!!! WTF!! I'm sitting here dying over your avi!!

And I will not humor that question, ID. Both look very unpleasant.


a small penis and droopy physique? ZING!


I'd rather be the one on the right. At least then I could train my legs and thicken them up...

but the one on the left can't thicken up what he is lacking in..


You guys should try googling Blue Waffle.


Saved the pic, huh?

I would guess that the dude on the right either has a medical condition or is stuffing.


Hah! Like you wouldn't have?


I saw a cadaver like that when we had gross anatomy. His balls were like the size of small soccer balls. Testicular cancer was his issue. Here, he just may have some form of chronic inflammation...but that sure isn't normal.


That looks like the guy who shot synthol into his dick for 6 years.