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BIG 2ND CYCLE. Advice Needed


I'm 23 weighing at about 215lbs and at 9% body fat. Just finished recovering from my first cycle, test e 500mg a week for 12 weeks. 

For my next cycle I'm looking at something like this:

Wildcat TNT mast 250 (test prop 100mg, tren A 75mg, Mast prop 75mg)

Week 1-10 tntmast EOD
Week 1-10 100mg deca
Week 1-8 test e 500mg

So basically in a week I'll be taking 800-900mg of test, 225-300mg tern/mast, and 100mg deca

The reason why I stop test e at week 8, is so that I will have no more test left in my body come week 11 and ready for pct. What are your thoughts on this?

PCT is sorted as I have already been through it. However I'm going to run 1000ius HCG every week from start to end of pct

Any help is appreciated 


Your pct is completely wrong.

And I'll leave it there because I can see where this thread is going


How do you know it's wrong if you don't know what it is? Btw ima stop hcg just before pct starts

What's are your thoughts on the actual cycle


You said you were giong to run 1000ius of hCG from the start to end of PCT. If you meant something else then that wasn't made clear.

Ending the hCG before pct is fine.


Sorry typo

Cycle fine?


I think the 100mg of deca is a complete waste. And you should have an AI.

I have no idea why you would use so much shit in a second cycle but that's on you.


Ye I've got an Ai

1-12 test mix
1-10 deca (400mg/week)
1-10 test e 500mg/week

Or should I completely take out the deca?


I think you have much more reading to do, and planning. IMO I see no organization with this layout. My first cycle was sloppy but I learned quick after that shit lol

What AI do you choose to use and at what dose, and hows your PCT layed out?

EOD pin sucks
Adding the test e sucks
Adding deca is useless with the other compounds, and that idea sucks.

Please re-plan this, you'll see why when you take more time on it.


Can you just leave out oct and AI for a second. Don't worry I'm not starting for another 4 months

So your saying I should take out deca and test e and run 12 weeks on the mix?


I think deca is overkill in this cycle.

I just dont see a need to go from a 1 compound cycle to a 4 compound cycle. It's unnecessary IMO


if i were you, I'd only inject the Wildcat TNT mast 250 (test prop 100mg, tren A 75mg, Mast prop 75mg) every day. Its the first time i hear about this Wildcat TNT mast 250 but from what i understand, it a test prop, tren A and mast blend.
this is enough for a second cycle keeping in mind that its your first time using Tren. Tren is no joke, but if it works with your body then it will be like a magic drug


in the beginning start with half the amount (test prop 50mg, tren A 37.5mg, Mast prop 37.5mg) inject every day.(less sides)
This would be: 0.5 ml
350 mgs/week of test
262.5 mgs/week of tren
262.5 mgs/week of mast

see how your body reacts. if everything is fine and sides are minimum, increase the dosage a BIT ex. 0.75 ml (don't double the amount strait away). keep doing this until you find your sweet spot.

P.S. the drugs you are using in this cycle are enough. NO NEED FOR DECA. don't forget the AI


A lot of guys start experiencing the nastier sides of Tren with high doses of Test at the same time. So follow Nidal's advice and start a little lower on your dose. Also plan on doing ED injects. I can't stress this enough. You will experience less sides. Keep the Deca and Test E out.