Big 15 6 Week Cycle and a Thankyou to Paul!

Hi all,

This post is mainly for appreciation purposes and for me to actually write something down in regards to training, clearing my head and getting on the forum.

First and Foremost I want to thank you Paul for all your content, all your ebooks/content have helped myself and others tremendously and the amount of free content and help on the forums you put out is amazing.

I am so so excited to start this cycle of training as I have been following 5/3/1 for a decent period of time now (around 3-4 years). However I have used most of the templates Jim releases and feel like a need a change from constant Strength focused training.

I used the Boring But Big template consistently but felt the workload never gave me what I put into it in regards to Muscle Development. This is the reason I am switching gears and attacking Muscle Growth with your program Big 15 and Strength going on the backburner.

I have planned out all my goals for the cycle and long term goals for size. I am currently sitting at around 180lbs morning weight at 5’8 , 27 years old and am sick of how small I am. I started training at around 150lbs at the same height so I was Tiny.

I am still currently fairly lean and want to push the size, ultimately leading to more strength.

My Goals for the cycle: all in KG
Bench - 85kg x 10 to 85 x 15
Squat - 120kg x 12 to 120 x 20
Front Squat - 70kg x 12 to 70 x 20
Press Behind the Neck - 60kg x 10 to 60 x 15
Elevated SLDL - 120kg x 12 to 120 x 20
V-Bar Chins - 20kg x 8 to 20 x 12

  • Really focus on getting the Pecs involved in pressing work and eliminate holding Scapular Retraction as this is a habit I have built up.

I will be running the 3 Big / 3 Small variation and pushing the Reps for PR’s on a weekly basis, the Upper body and Lowerbody Days are pretty much exactly as written in SLL with the same assistance work.

My goal for size is to get up to around 200lbs Relatively Lean which means I will get to around 230-240lbs overall and hold that weight for awhile before starting to drop down slowly whilst continuing to push Rep PR’s. This will allow me to maintain muscle to the best of my ability and still reap rewards.

Again, as mentioned at the beginning I am excited to start a new adventure. I have been stuck in the realm of Strength work which hasn’t really got me anywhere and feel I need to put some size on to get to higher places.

Thanks again Paul, waiting on the delivery of my Death is Winning Tee and will be sick when it is finally here. Live in the UK so will take a couple of weeks.

Here are some links to pictures of my current body compostion that I took the other day and uploaded them onto a image hosting site.

If you guys have any questions or advice that you want to share that would be greatly appreciated.



Excuse me for the lighting and wack posing haha

I’m pretty sure one front-on pose in shorts without hiking them up to your pubes would probably be sufficient to gauge your body composition, my man.