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Make it stop!!! D:

Pantera sucks

the first 45 seconds of that song sounded like shit. Then it got good. Then Justin came on and it sounded like shit again.

I died a little inside.

[quote]detazathoth wrote:
Pantera sucks[/quote]


I only know one Bieber song and it’s that "baby baby baby ooooh!!’ one.

[quote]Mad HORSE wrote:

[quote]detazathoth wrote:
Pantera sucks[/quote]


Hardly, listen to Exhorder instead

Justin Bieber is a world wide conspiracy orchestrated by the Free Masons…he must be stopped.

On a side note, Down should cover “Baby”…just for kicks.

Oh Fuck my life…

puts gun to head

[quote]detazathoth wrote:
Pantera sucks[/quote]

Go somewhere and die.

THAT CAN’T BE THAT LITTLE FUCK-BAG!!! Oh man I am so, so, fucking sick! That little bastard should sing a song (that someone else wrote) about laryngitis and how to catch it, PERMANENTLY!!!

maybe he should try singing it when his voice gets a little deeper.

[quote]ADvanced TS wrote:

[quote]detazathoth wrote:
Pantera sucks[/quote]

Go somewhere and die.[/quote]

It’s actually just this high school music club, the teacher has let do metal songs. The thread about them was actually on here a few weeks ago.

Its just a bunch of high school kids playing songs they like.

Anyone wondering who the jeans-and-bra girl in jskrabac’s avatar is: her name is Shay Laren.

Enjoy her. Use her to wash down whatever horrific disease you picked up listening to that song.