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Bieber is Spawning


make it through this whole thing and you have nerves of steel.


WTF srsly?

i listened to the whole thing, i need a shot of test now.


WTF is with these GIRL-BOY-CHILDS? Seriously starting to weird me out


The girl is hot at least though she is barking up the wrong tree with that arse bandit.


I'm almost 30 and wut is dis?


come on, they should have at least not dressed him in girls clothes


The kid is probably making bank with this, but damn he would look less feminine if he wore her dress instead. Even the bicycle was pink, I don't get it?


im not quite sure...


Im not gonna risk watching it. This kind of shit sticks with you for a long ass time.


What the hell is a bieber?


Don't worry, once they hit puberty their careers are over.


Fuck, I watched the hole thing and I feel like throwing up and punching a hole in something at the same time.


Huh, I thought teen lesbian love would be a bit too risque for a pop music video. Apparently not.


In the middle ages, they would use to castrate boys to maintain that voice even when they are older. Considering Justin Bieber's popularity, maybe we should castrate him too.


He reminds me of Martha Plimpton from "The Goonies"


Made it to :30. The only person in the world enjoying this shit is Lance Bass.


whoa whoa whoa, step on the brakes there, Lance Bass was with NSYNC, which is waaaaay cooler than this crap




What is with the "Older Black Guy/ Young White Boy" combos?


I dunno man, but I really dont like that Flo-rida did this shit..