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Biden = The New Hindenberg?

Perhaps since reading a book recently touching on Hitler’s rise under the rule of Hindenberg, it has made me ponder if Biden is a conduit to a repeat of this brutish history.

This article explains the premise better than l. But there are several recent factors that point out how Biden as President could be easily marginiized as a stereotypical useful idiot.

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It’s interesting. We have a similar model operating within our economy now with government, military, and civil contracts/contractors, suppliers, etc. A lot of business owners and their employees seem to really like it and thrive.

How does it not gain traction though? Do you think it’s a matter of scale?

How is Bidens proposal any different than Trumps pledge to restore and improve infrastructure?

I will be the first to say we should spent the trillions on infrastructure here, rather than the Middle East that we bombed into the stone age. And then went back and rebuilt. Who doesn’t maintain their own house? (Working on my sprinkler heads last 2 days,grrrrr.)

Biden in his incapacity of mental health, has gone from debates as a centrist (never bought into that personally) to full blown Leftist. His own campaign site lays it out - Green initiative, open borders, you know his gun position, and a scary revival of Obama’s urbanization transformation.

Hidenberg set up a system that looks similar to me to Fascism, where the government sets up so many rules that it runs the economy, which is nominally supplied by private ownership. We already have much of that due to EPA, FDA, FCC et al. I don’t argue necessity of these, as l am no full blown Populist.

But there is a distance between community and commune. Particularly, a govt owned one.

This should concern suburbanites. Within the article is a link to a 2015 piece detailing original Obama housing act.

Why did the Dems give up on the idea of WW3 with Russia and focused on domestic fascism?

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It’s interesting that he quotes Mises when his institute has this to say about the current President on socialism.

“#### Trump’s Flirtation with Socialism

To be fair, Trump’s budget proposal does contain certain reforms to Medicaid and other entitlement programs. These reforms would lower federal expenditures relative to current budget projections but would nonetheless increase spending on those programs overall. Despite a few small cuts, the federal government under Trump’s 2021 Budget would continue to run a deficit, albeit a shrinking one, through 2030.

Considering that the president has been incredibly harsh in his antisocialist rhetoric, his plans to downsize the federal government appear weak.

Indeed, aside from some modest deregulation, Trump has tended to increase the power and scope of government. While the president did implement somewhat substantial corporate tax cuts and personal income tax cuts, he then turned right around and raised taxes, imposing billions of dollars in tariffs on Chinese imports. The trade war, now in its third consecutive year, has cost individual American consumers thousands.

After the Chinese began imposing their own tariffs in retaliation, American farmers found it increasingly difficult to export their products. So, the president simply bailed them out. Without congressional authorization (and perhaps even without the legal authority to do so), the Trump administration doled out $28 billion of taxpayer money to farmers and is now promising to send more.

In classic socialist fashion, the bailouts appear to be going to a fairly small set of farmers. According to a recent NPR analysis, “100,000 individuals collected just over 70% of the money.” One giddy farmer interviewed by NPR referred to the bailouts as “Trump money,” a term reminiscent of the now infamous “​Obama money” woman. Unsurprisingly, many of these farmers were wildly overpaid compared to the actual harm they’ve suffered due to the president’s trade policies.

A Tale of Two Socialisms

For all of his antisocialist bluster, Trump has hardly been a friend to the free market. On the contrary, the president has pursued an agenda of economic nationalism, recycling old mercantilist policies intended to “protect” American industry from insidious foreign competition, even going so far as to explicitly order American companies not to do business with the Chinese.

But rather than fight back against Trump’s socialist tendencies, his administration has emboldened nascent nationalists within the conservative movement and has even encouraged former friends of the free market to embrace government interventions. Once a nominal defender of liberty, Senator Marco Rubio, for example, is now firmly in the economic nationalist camp, arguing that the government needs to subsidize special companies and engage in massive wealth transfers in order to further the “common good.” Other Republican legislators, such as freshman Senator Josh Hawley, have pushed for more government regulation of social media. And just recently the president’s attorney general, Bill Barr, suggested that the federal government purchase major American tech companies, essentially turning them into state-run enterprises.

In point of fact, Trump has succeeded in shifting the Overton window in Republican politics toward socialism, not away from it. The choice facing voters in 2020, therefore, is not between capitalism and socialism, but merely between two different kinds of socialism.“

Did you bother to read what l wrote or linked?
Or just another time to say Yeah, but Trump…

I don’t give a crap if it was George Washington/Abraham Lincoln on the Dem ticket.

You need to hop on over to joebiden.com and scare some fear into yourself.
The sleepy one has been co-opted by Bernie, AOC, Alinsky.

How would I have known Mises was quoted?

Oh ok. Because everything a candidate has ever proposed or said comes to fruition. That’s why Mexico built the wall, the national debt is eliminated, everyone has full health care coverage for cheaper, the President is too busy to golf or tweet and his tax returns came in from the audit. That’s why transportation was done for a third of the cost. That’s how the budget got cut by 20 percent and Medicare and social security were saved and untouched. That’s why Obamacare is repealed.

You should listen to or watch Trump and scare some fear into yourself. What are his plans for the next four years? Tweet about people who make him angry?

This Alinsky shit was said about Obama every five seconds. And everyone still has their guns. Maybe Biden needs to prove he wasn’t born in Kenya.

I’m not saying Biden’s a perfect candidate or that you can’t find dumb shit on his website. But we have a complete lunatic in the White House. The worst possible person to have in the office right now facing the crises we have. Someone that numerous right leaning people on this board have said they won’t vote for. Getting Trump away from a power position is far more important than anything else.

What Biden could be (despite a career of largely being center left) right now is way less scary than what Trump is. I’ll be the first to come on here and talk about all that stupid stuff if he enacts it. But I’m never going to feel bad about taking a risk on him over what we already know is a complete madman in office.

But I said on here long ago that the Dem candidate shouldn’t put up any plans as 2016 showed you can win the Presidency just by saying outlandish stuff without saying how. And you can’t assail Trumps second term agenda because it doesn’t exist. Trump doesn’t have a plan for tomorrow let alone next year.


Seriously stupid move, but I’m surprised by nothing any more.

Edit–actually that’s not true. Every time I think that someone proves me wrong.

I don’t know if he is useful be he is a fucking idiot. He’s merely a skin suit for the DNC who will be really running the show.
This new and sudden populism seems to really mimick President Trump’s plan with a lefty twist.

It looks like transparent pandering to Trump’s base and it won’t work. So don’t expect much effort being put in this so-called plan.
The DNC has the media, so this looks like a fall back point in case something gets brought up in an interview or a debate if the DNC doesn’t manage to squirt out of it somehow. (I predict there will be no presidential debates this year)

Biden is not aware enough to be Hindenburg. He hardly is aware he is living. He is the closest thing to a living robot I have seen. He takes orders he doesn’t give them.

And all of this rambling has zero to do with thread.

Thought someone might like a different conversation than trump sux.

It doesn’t? I thought if we had a dude from 4 years ago who said the things I laid out that it should lead us to believe anything Biden has said or proposes could easily end up in the long list of Presidential piles that didn’t happen. We just had a President who everyone on the right said was a full blown socialist, Alinsky trained, etc. We also have a President who told you a lot of things that didn’t happen. Turns out you can plan and promise all day long but that doesn’t mean you get it. Hell even the things that Americans overwhelmingly support like universal background checks have a hard time happening. Linking from Mises about two different types of socialism when the author has a background and quotes him isn’t relevant? I thought that was all pretty relevant to the thread. In fact Trump has called for some of these things himself. But maybe that’s not socialism because he wouldn’t pay for it with taxes on the wealthy? He just wouldn’t pay for it at all?

My apologies though if you only wanted to talk about possible socialism from Biden and not the socialism we already had with the current leader.

What’s knocking on the door right now is much more alarming to me than my “socialist” concerns of, say, a 2nd Barack Obama term. At that point I was concerned about the implications of government mismanagement of universal health care vs just leaving it alone. Typical stuff anyone should be concerned with.

You could see the Marxist ideas operating in the background, but the notion that all of these institutions and symbols must be torn down and then it happening seemed like a boogeyman straight out of an Alex Jones podcast just a few short years ago. Yet here we are, woke Marxist ideas being put into action under threat of mob violence and threat of mob harassment. Then there’s the DNC platform and Joe Biden’s plain English agenda, which would have been laughed out of the 1992 Democrat primary as fringe communist nonsense. A minor speed bump to Bill Clinton and his comparatively sane, sensible platform.

The similarities of our ongoing Marxist revolution to successful ones are simply too much to ignore right now. And here we are, yet again, stuck with a flawed Republican party as the only bulwark against the latest historical round of Democrats being Democrats. How do ideas that would have been soundly rejected by Democrats in 1992, including Joe Biden in 1992, become great ideas in 2020?

And if these ideas are so great, why can’t they stand up to scrutiny? Why the need to cancel everyone who doesn’t go along? Or, as many often do, assure us that Trump will become Hitler 2.0 if elected again. And don’t forget about those white supremacists, certain to step out of the shadows any day now. If they step up their game, they might even burn down a Target or two.

I’m confused. Hindenburg signed the Enabling Act to counter communists and socialists, not to empower them. So is the thinking that Biden will aid a right wing dictator to take power?

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Biden is the new Kerensky? Biden is the new Allende? Biden is the new Beneš?

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Born in Kenya. Created in a George Soros laboratory. Groomed as a little kid by Alinsky. Made younger by the baths of Ras Al Ghul. Believes in the virus created by Bill Gates and China. It’s all over if he gets in. Better keep the sane sensibility and consistency we have now. That’s going too well.

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Not to derail the thread but reading that name brings up thoughts of Operation Anthropoid, in particular its aftermath. People who want to know what fascism really looks like should read about that. It’s also what communism looks like. The same people who tear down statues of Columbus wear Che T-shirts.

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Biden is the new Biden every 5 minutes or so.

That dudes brain is on a short memory loop and any time now he’s going to be back in the decade of his youth walking to the five&dime for a soda. And he ain’t coming back.

Enabling Act.

I hold this mindset, which l shouldn’t have expected any here to mind-read.
Communism, Fascism, even Absolute Monarchism in various forms - all lead to the same place of a totalitarian leadership group. This group at the top, also develops a hierarchy with some absolute leader.
I literally see no difference, irrespective of labels of right wing/left wing.

But the Enabling Act was not Hindenberg’s idea. Nazis passed it to him (lying in his deathbed) to consolidate power into 1 hand and abolish any semblance of ‘Congress’.

Biden is no quasi dictator nor great leader like Hindenberg (his ability, not desirability).
The puppet masters here do not have a majority to fully institute their Leftist agenda, so they are trying to take control through Biden. He is more than any useful idiot like current street hooligans or Hollywood. He is a very viable conduit to the reins of power, as set up through our Constitution. Like Hindenberg.

This was Hitler’s playbook. Gain a foothold of legitimate power and pick up disaffected supporters, burn the Capitol building, blame political enemies to get the support of Hindenberg, creating a government where total power eminates from one unaccomplished little psychopath.

Oh i don’t think the current Sanders/Squad are Hitler. That person is waiting to take the helm when thie initial dirty work is done.

I would also remind all that the US is quite different that other countries.

Multi century practice of representative government and 100 years of nuturing the same worldwide.

If you have had a Czar, Pharoah, King as a dictator kicking your ass, picking red or white probably just translates to which dictator you ‘prefer’.

Then Biden is not the new Hindenburg, American exceptionalism will prevail and there’s nothing to worry about.