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Biden Reveals Top Secret Information


Ha...this guy just made himself less secure. It's hard to think he's second in line, then Pelosi.

I can't even begin to think of why he would tell everyone about a secret bunker built to protect the VP in wartime. Idiot!! So now we need to spend another 50 million to build a new undisclosed bunker location.

Only one network is covering this latest gaffe.



Yeah, I was just reading about that! What a freaking idiot! They need to lock him in there so he won't say or do anything else stupid. What a tool!


check the classic headline:


what an idiot - giving up classified information just to make a joke about the Bush administration . . . nice


The article says "potentially classified".

And if the information is top secret, how can anyone verify it?


It shouldn't suprise anyone who has followed his career and this administration.


lol. This story was awesome. ...but, but, but... I just thought of something...what if he was lying?!? lol.

Also, I loved the "fair and balanced" frame of the article:
Starting with "Vice President Joe Biden, well-known for his verbal gaffes, may have finally outdone himself..."
and ending with "fear mongering" and "Click to see a full list of Biden's political blunders"


So you would have no problem if this was one of your officials giving out this information? I find it funny how you ignore the entire article content, but instead try to derail Fox's choice of writing style instead.


Cheyenne mountain's security wasn't lessened when its location was revealed?


What an idiot!


no - because Russian spies (Americans) had already identified it and it was a nuclear missile target from day one . . .


But no one knew that he lived there!


I hate to sound like another of your favorite posters, but it may be time for you to look up the word "derail" and how it can be used. I'm pretty sure that I cannot "derail" fox's choice of writing style by posting in PWI, do they often read this site?


You are correct. The word is used in the wrong context for sure, and it's a a piss poor sentence to boot. It should have read something like "You were trying to derail their argument because you don't like the authors writing style." Derail probably should not have even been used. Hindsight, they were just reporting what he said, so there really is no arguement involved.

Did the authour embellish? Yes, and he probably should not have, but you know, they have to keep up the standards we see in the media today I guess.


Biden doesn't live at Cheyenne Mountain . . . .


LOLZ OMFG!!11!!!

Joe Biden said where he lives you all!!!11!!! LOLZ OMFG!!!

And all of the neighbors were of course sworn to absolute total double secrecy about the massive dump truck loads of dirt and rock being hauled away from the NO every day several years ago, just before Darth Dick went off radar, right?

Or, just maybe, is this just another non-story being squawked by Faux News and picked up and echo'd by the stooges who tend to pick up and echo non-news squawking by Faux News on a regular basis?

No, no, the lack of media coverage by any other network is just more of the left wing media conspiracy. Sorry, I forgot.


You really are a moron - you don't tell everyone where your harden shelter is . . . everyone already knew where he lived - what they didn't know was that was also his secure location - now, the government will have to spend millions more creating another secure location where the current and future VP's can be hidden during SOTU addresses and similar events . . .if you can't understand the importance of that . . . well obviously you can't . . . but hey - if you want the entire political leadership of the US to all be vulnerable at one time . .


Yahoo and other networks are now covering it at this point in time. Nobody talked about any conspiracy here friend. Now he's passing this statement off as only describing the upstairs bedroom.

This story is a coverage of the VP's statements. Maybe that is wrong unless it has to do with joke about Rush, or statements that bashes Bush and Republican thought?

You miss the entire point here. He's a blundering idiot. Even stupid people know not to talk about tyour personal bunker when you are a head of state even when at peace, and certainly not during wartime!!!!

As I said in the original post, he made himself less secure, and you as well. Behind him is Pelosi. Now if one thinks a man like that should make us feel good about being protected in today's world when he won't protect himself, then he is a royal fool.


Was it the smartest thing? Not really.

Is it completely and utterly blown out of proportion by the shit network that is Fauxnews, which is completely laughable when they try to attempt to portray any semblance of neutrality? Yup.

Wow. The VP's mansion has a shelter underneath. Never would have guessed it. Next you'll be telling me the Declaration of Independence lowers into a nuclear-proof vault underground when threatened. Jesus, imagine if THE TERRORISTS knew that!


I still think shooting your hunting buddy, gets the all time fucked up award


Sums it up pretty well.

I think Biden's a ton of fun. A gaffe-prone, clownish VP beats the heck out of a sinister, unhinged, torture- and war-advocating one.