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Biden Cabinet Picks

I have to admit, this one has gone straight over my head.

Lost me already. He’s practically the North Star of wrong.


It’s a reference from Ulysses. The idea is that, like the Ancient Romans, the first thing the English did whenever they conquered a new land was build a water closet. Next time I’ll stick to Harry Potter.

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I understood it to be a ‘review’ of Joyce’s verbiage in different pieces, which referenced natural if impolite subjects. Never heard the term before.

However, Biden’s AG choices look ready to begin the colonoscophy procedure, to entend the thought. Yates, Cuomo, Abrams.

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Please don’t, I beg of you.

That he is. And he hasn’t done any relevant work in decades anyway.


What can you say about a man who sold his stock portfolio because he thought Trump would crash the stock market and now, with the horrendous global economic numbers available for all to see, talks of a ‘Biden boom.’

With an endorsement like that from Krugman, I’m tempted to invest solely in physical gold and firearms.


Who knew you needed 7 letters to spell hack?

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One of those classic tomes I have yet to read. I keep meaning to, and even started a few times
Yet somehow I always find something else to do…

I just call him “idiot”.

The market NEVER stays depressed for long compared to other economic indicators. Besides, for 3 of the 4 years all stock indicators were full on bullish, if volatile.

This might not be too wrong if you take a multiple year outlook, but for reasons he doesn’t appreciate. Biden won’t cause the stock to yo-yo with tweets and random actions, so it should see a relative smoothing of volatility.

In the short term I’d say hold on to your hats.

Sure, but to say the long term trajectory is toward the mean is to say absolutely nothing at all in terms of economics, certainly not when it involves executive policy. Krugman is playing for his team, not talking fundamentals.

The chancellor of the exchequer, who is a much more sober forecaster than almost anyone in the US legislature, gave us the U.K. numbers, and they are titanically bad.

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No doubt about that.

He always does.

We’ve gone through the looking glass at this point. I don’t think “fundamentals” have anything to do with the stock market behavior right now… It’s simply wild gaming.

EDIT–Although if you’re talking macro fundamentals, I agree again.

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I was, and I haven’t been impressed by the last 3 presidents on that front.

Edit: debt, debt, debt. Everyone can keep telling me this doesn’t matter, but gravity will exert itself in the end.

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Gravity does exist, and it will act. End of story. This drives me crazy

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