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Biden and Democrats Lied to Get Control of the Senate

Biden and the Georgia Democrats said the public would receive 2k stim. checks if they were elected and they would go out the door immediately. Those 2k checks have now turned into $1,400 and the rumblings are that people won’t get the financial help until March sometime.

But what did people expect with a corporate politician? They’ve built their careers on lying. This is unfortunately not surprising.

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Politicians lie. In other news, sun rises in the east.

Once McConnell blocked the vote on stimulus that an enormous majority were in favour of, it was all over. That must be one of the biggest own goals of all time.


I cannot remember a time when a politician did not over promise, and under deliver.

However, delivering 70% of a promise isn’t too bad comparatively. Still waiting on mexico to pay for more than 0% of the wall.


Not a fan of Biden, but as I understand it the call for $2000 checks was in place of the $600 check that went out. $1400 makes up the difference. Immediately is relative.

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Wait, this is what OP is whining about? Facepalm!

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Probably commie scumbags, with obvious double standards.

I’ve heard Trumps health care plan comes out after the second impeachment.


If only.

Brahh u fascist! Teenage tranny rights are much more pressing.:face_vomiting:

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And Donald Trump clearly never lied/under-delivered during his time in office

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They didn’t need much of a lie when the other side sabotaged themselves.

If only our Lord and saviour Donald Trump were in office to fix this Democrat ridden mess

Nobody understood it like this, there’s no defending the shenanigans. It’s just fanciful not to expect people who would sell out their own mothers not to shenanigan.

It’s also a bridge to far to say the Georgia results would have been different if they said “we’re adding $1400 to the $600 for a total of $2000” when Republicans put a big handbrake on things right before the vote.

Of course Trump lied, probably a few double standards too, but he’s not a commie:)

So Biden is a communist because he’s opted to give some money to those (a LOT of people) out of a job/whose businesses have shut down in response to orange man’s absolutely incompetent covid management?

I’m sure they’re handing out checks to more than simply those out of work, however the US is struggling. At this moment businesses/economic prospects aren’t doing so well. There’s a happy medium; lock everything down forever (cough Victoria cough cough) and businesses shut down. Let covid run rampant and people simply stop coming in to work/businesses shut down.

To my knowledge no current era US politician is a communist, the closest you’ll get is probably Bernie Sanders, though he’s more akin to a socialist. Plenty of people simply dislike Biden because “he’s a Democrat”.

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I’m sure most coherent people knew it was an additional 1,400. But it was also presented as though it would go through sooner than I seems it will go through.

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Most of the reason to expect shenanigans is that when shenanigans happen there are people who decide to run interference instead of holding people to account.

A (very) few direct quotes:

“… $2000 cheques will go out the door next week”
“… pass $2000 cheques to you”
“… $2000 stimulus cheques”
“… we will pass those $2000 stimulus cheques”
“… We will give people a $2000 cheque”

Multiple key people, multiple times.

Perhaps you could evidence this “coherent” people claim by showing us some dated news articles or social media posts, that demonstrate how well understood that a $2000 stimulus cheque did not mean a $2000 cheque but a $1400 cheque to go with a previous $600. Should be easy for you to find a good handful of these before the fact examples.

2,000 instead of, not in addition to, 600.

What you have is two or three nobodies on Twitter complaining and the news media, because it’s always in need of some story, makes it seem like millions are up in arms. One Tweet somehow is the opinion of millions of people.

Yeah! A death wish of McConnell’s.

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