Biden 2021 - A Mediocre Middle Ground

He was wrong on both parts. Any 80 year old who refers to himself as a boy is indeed stupid.



Fetterman’s wife is on vacation with the kids, and keeping the world updated on the fun she’s having via social media.

You can’t make this shite up.

Bonus, and related to this thread -Jill is enthusiastic about Joe running again, but Joe hasn’t announced…


I said the same thing to my wife shortly before reading this.

Its just such a strange spectacle. I can’t actually imagine a life in which these actual scenarios develop or emerge. Mine has been difficult, painful, and relatively fruitless.

These people are from la-la land. :man_shrugging:t2:


Lori Lightfoot won’t be replacing Kamala Harris…

@twojarslave There’s a runoff coming in April, and the top vote getter so far is, gasp, white (Greek) and ran on an anti-crime platform:

I’m just as shocked as you are to learn that Chicago has become overrun by racist, bigoted homophobes with the audacity to marginalize Chicago’s first BIPOC LGBTQ+ mayor by voting her out of office.


Had to google BIPOC…


Damn country is going down la toilette.

Does the B stand for Beetlejuice?

She wouldn’t allow white journalists to interview her at one point. Pretty bad look.


Especially since she’s whiter than Bill Clinton.

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I got a good one for 'ya -Angela Davis has white blood…in fact, can actually be traced to a Mayflower Whitey LOLLLLL. Saw a clip of an interview on PBS.

The Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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Is she going to pay herself reparations? I guess Plymouth Rock didn’t land on her.

The hand job part is easy.

The self-flagellation part? Heh.

The clown administration is coming for your wash machines

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Now that is disappointing. It’s hard to be worse than her. I wonder what qualifications she lacks then? She’s a moron, she’s a shill, she’s an ideologue, complete unbothered by facts and reality. She released crimnals while putting people without masks in jail, I mean she is a perfect democrat. What’s not to like? Everything she touches turns to shit, he city is in ruins, what else can they ask for? She’s a racist, she’s super woke, etc. She’s should be a front runner.

Its been announced, air conditioners are next

So, 100% democrats voted against parental rights bill

they are not your grandparents party anymore

Well, the USA has now officially become a Banana Republic

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