Biden 2021 - A Mediocre Middle Ground

As far as election shenanigans -Trump won via the electoral college in 2016; the Dems were 100% confident and had zero reason to “tinker” with voting; yet, Trump actually lost the popular vote in 2016; therefore, it does not surprise me at all that Trump lost the popular vote again in 2020; I’m sure there was “tinkering” in 2020, which is how Biden got nominated over Sanders; did the “tinkering” cost Trump the popular vote? -definitely not; did it cost Trump the electoral win, probably not, but the Dems were definitely riled up and I’m sure there was “tinkering”.

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My humble opinion on mail in balloting? It’s a successful Democratic strategy which the fossilized leadership of the Republican party has yet to understand, and obviously not countered.

With mail in balloting, my understanding is the Dems can then employ a ground game where they literally go house to house to “make sure” their base votes. I know that’s what happened in my state. The early voting aspect gives them plenty of time to employ the strategy.

Can confirm. It’s always a worrisome thought as to what our tyrannical, drama teacher will do next.


At least (right now) I LOVE who our Premiere is and she stands up against crap he tries to throw at us. But our next election is in May and if the NDP gets in we’re SCREWED.

Like we’ll be in masks our whole lives and being forced to get boosters every 8 weeks just to be able to go to a gym.


But maybe she will get reelected and everything can stay okay :slight_smile:


Fully vaccinated people may be a “dead end” to COVID-19.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says based on research and data, those who are fully vaccinated are very unlikely to spread the virus.

Doctors call this “promising news.” As more people get vaccinated the chances of COVID spreading or of us seeing a major outbreak again are low.


OMG!!! Newsflash!!! (sarcasm) (the last comment from Gayle King is gold as well)

Didn’t pre-Elon Twitter ban the NY Post for tweeting about this?

I guess the Democrat powers that be decided Uncle Joe running again in 2024 needed to be nipped in the bud, STAT!


I am curious to see who they get behind as a party.

Should be interesting.

I think this next election will be the biggest shit show of them all.

This couple has a lot going for it in regards to receiving the Democrat nomination. But they seem happyish, so that may be a problem.


Hasn’t been a good dem power couple since the Clintons early years.

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