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Biden 2021 - A Mediocre Middle Ground

Assuming that the IFR is EXACTLY 1% and everyone’s infected.

However, the problem is that this “virtually impossible” scenario has already happened in some countries in Eastern Europe, including Russia, where the excess deaths are close to 1% of the population.

And that’s despite them having at least some percentage of the population vaccinated and recent lockdowns in Russia.

Ok 3rd source. Same info:

Last update in Dec 2020

Here it updates for 2021 as well

Do you need more sources? To prove you have a statistic that measure an impact of epidemic, war and such kind of event on the mortality, and not an actual mortality rate. That your graph does not matter. That media will use such misleading rates to say stuff like “Bulgaria will wipe out due to covid”.

If only there were some threads about Covid on here.


I find it funny that it went from get the vaccine and you will have complete immunity, life will go back to normal, no more masks, to the vaccines MAY help hospitals not get overwhelmed. Was that not what 2 weeks to flatten the curve was for.


Nothing is as dangerous as the common cold. It’s the irresistible force and immovable object.


Yes. Yes it was. And those dumb enough to buy it back then are dumb enough to buy it again.

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Loopar has the habbit when I make a statement about Biden to bring up my country. Like Biden is leading Bulgaria or something.

I still wanna talk about the gas price crisis solution of Biden. He is going to release to the market a 2 days worth of consumption from the national reserve.

Is there a more retarded presidency?

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I guess everyone thinks Biden is A-Okay and have nothing to complain about!

you ain’t no good…lol

and/or @zecarlo
Sunday on CNN about 9PM CST there is a special on the Osage Tribe getting murdered in 1920s for their oil rights.
Thought we chatted about it maybe last year, when we were talking Tulsa race massacre.

Okay back to the covid, er Biden discussion

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Foxnews trolling Biden on travel bann.


Obama warned us…

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” - Barrack Obama


The travel ban has little basis in reality. If this is more infectious than delta, it’s going to spread around

Hell, omnicron cases have already been found in

  • Belgium
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Israel

And more

Chances are it has already been spreading around for a while. A travel ban is hasty, stupid and won’t do shit. Update quarantine protocals…

Hopefully (fingers crossed) this variant is highly infectious albeit less deadly. Then we can transition to endemic stage

However there is little in the way (I believe) in terms of selective pressure for covid to become less burdensome on hospitals. Remember… In some countries (happened in Aus around five years ago) a bad flu season can shut down hospitals.

Covid has a long presymptomatic period wherein the individual can still transmit the virus. The R eff is off the charts for delta. Without vaccines it’s like 1:6, with them it’s still typically above 1 unless draconian restrictions are put in place and/or a large portion of the population catches it. Look at Sweden for reference, high level of natural immunity + vaccination = they’re not having a surge like most of europe

Though as of current they are experiencing a rise in infections
… I’m starting to wonder whether some of the surge Europe is experiencing may be related to the new variant

Those who I know (who know a lot about this) have told me that while possible, it is unlikely as at least one country would have probably picked up on the prevalence of a new variant.

I think Sweden is a role model now. Back in the day I thought they failed.

Every nation should have a Swedish plan.

Start with the children. Let then go to school, so they develop natural immunity.

Then students and workplace.


Also I’d like to thank Joe Biden for forcing many of my coworkers into early retirement and/or outright quitting. I’ve never felt safer from the virus. Losing decades of engineering, assembly, fabrication and government contract management know-how is a small price to pay to ensure the rest of us don’t get the sniffles from someone at work. Sure, they may have seemed like professional and pleasant people who made all of our lives better, but they were little more than disease vectors, best discarded as per Biden’s directive.

Let’s go Brandon!


Many of them were more locked down than us, vaccine or not. But I don’t think you can discount hygiene. I have spent plenty of time in Europe and they way they oragnize their lives is like dry tinder for any disease. They live on top of each other in cities mostly, personal distance just doesn’t exist. Especially in Italy, they stand a foot away from you and spit on you while they talk. They congregate in subways and stand arm pit to arm pit, they crap stand up, and they blow their snot into a rag and put in there pocket to reuse. Man that’s so gross… I can’t stand it.
When Italy exploded with covid, I was not at all shocked. They are very touchy-feely, they kiss each other all the time, etc. Hygiene alone may not be all of it, but it’s definitely a high contributor.

To the casual observer it might seem like Biden was a college student during the Six Day War, but Biden’s a modest man, not prone to braggadocio.

I read on the Internet that Joe Biden was actually a secret agent and law school was just a cover story. Mossad got wind of how he handled Corn Pop and his gang when they confronted him with rusty razors outside the pool. They knew they had the right man for the job.

Eventually the work got to him, which is when he quit to become a long haul truck driver before getting elected to the Senate.


Imo Biden is not lying in the dictionary sense of the word.

His mental decline is the cause -it was probably some other conflict, he just forgot which one; no doubt he exaggerated with the liason part and was probably just there for some political show and tell pony show, or something.

It’s the same compulsive lying and heavily embellished bullshit slinging that he’s been doing his whole life.

Beating up Corn Pop and gang, claiming to drive semis, saying his house burned down but his wife escaped, visiting synagogues after tragic events, Jim Crow on Steroids, saying he was arrested while visiting Nelson Mandella, if you’re vaccinated you can’t get covid, plagiarizing entire speeches on multiple occasions, lying about academic achievements, lying about scholarships, lying about participating in the 1960’s civil rights movement, lying about a drunk driver killing his wife, lying about hunter and, most recently, lying about how many grandkids he has.

At least he didn’t lie about his inauguration crowd size. What kind of man shuns his 3 year-old granddaughter? What an ass. She’ll have some heavy stuff to process down the line.