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Biden 2021 - A Mediocre Middle Ground

Of corporations and the ultra-wealthy, almost entirely

A source for this please, if you would

Nope… Noooope

Jocko is the living embodiment of… Testosterone

Except I doubt he uses testosterone

The guy is scary as hell

You’re quite a bit taller than he is though (5’10 vs 6 ft)

I already posted about what Biden was talking about. That shill hag who probably blows Rupert to keep her job cannot be taken seriously by adults.

Do you know about the Rupert Murdoch media monopoly paradigm in Aus?

Sky News is the sister channel to fox news in the US… Except Sky News can probably be considered more right wing.

This isn’t to say they aren’t news. They cover topics fairly well if you remove the whole “left wing bad right wing good” narrative.

@chillain Not sure why your google fu isn’t working.

Disagree on corporations - they are notorious for passing tax expense to consumer.
Plus budget for 2022 is 6TT with 2TT deficit. Think that won’t necessitate additional tax hikes?

Unaccompanied minors are not being sent back, many of the families are being released into country with either nonexisting or unenforced court date, chain migration is still a thing for family members/sponsored migrants, and we are about to absorb many Afghanis. None of this includes the endless hordes that cross in the darkness of night and then procreate here.

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U3? U6? You gotta be a glass half empty guy to dig up obscure numbers like that.

This 3+ trillion is being (at least partially) spent in This country vs across the world. Lots of Average Americans with money to spend? This is like a Fish in a Barrel scenario for US entrepreneurs.

Since l have been boycotting pro sports, l have a lot more time on my hands…


Cancel Culture has gotten to you too? Oh No!

It’s not too late to turn things around before you go Full On Grumpy Old Man.

On the right, they call it a boycott which is somehow different to the thing they hate which is Cancel Culture.

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Maybe he’s got the secret! The Volunteers, Titans and Bills ALL lost last weekend. I was frowney.

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My team the Vikings disappointed me yet again. Why do I even try.

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Optimism and Stubbornness!

2 traits of happy people.


I have been weaning off them for years.
Got tired of no D rules in basketball and pro set offense that eliminated the run game (grew up 4 years after Earl Campbell in same town).

The attitudes cooled me off before the cancel culture.

@mnben87 - I’m exercising my right to not support activity of which l disapprove, not doing anything to stifle it or punitively punish its participants/fans.

I still watch NCAA football.


Yeah my bad, thanks for that.

I do find it interesting that ‘expulsions’ are now included in these ‘encounters’ stats (a practice that apparently began in March of 2020)

And since I’m a sucker for longitudinal data (ie. the broad(er) perspective it often illuminates), I also found this interesting:

source: Migrant encounters at U.S.-Mexico border are at a 21-year high | Pew Research Center

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A disappointing thing to me is the huge lag in finding governmental statistical evidence.

Try to find a current number on deaths in the US to test the statements of covid’s likely causation of death. Not exact, but year over year total adjusted for population should show the approximate increase over the usual causes.

The actual numbers run like 18+ months behind. Or the stats show something specific like diabetes only.

Then l read the IRS is searching for COBOL programmers to maintain the ancient system. I had COBOL class in 1979 and it was no youngster then.

Maybe @FlatsFarmer is right, and l’m getting (got) old.
I do come here though and to hear a younger perspective.

*not that l plan on changing…

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I dare think you’ll find one person who has done this more than me that is posting in this forum anymore. At some point one does get tired and Pat banned half the forum for proving him wrong over and over again and I was one of the first. At least I assume he still blocked me?

You don’t really think this. I mean I’m sure you have no problem thinking it about people you don’t like. But we had a President who essentially spent about 6 years doing nothing but character attacks at every turn and you did nothing but defend him. In fact you thought most people’s reactions to his character attacks were crazy.

Or is this just another example of you’ve got high standards for poster on anonymous message board about bodybuilding, but low standards for leader of the United States?

Did you find one that wasn’t edited? Or is this one cleverly cut up to make him look bad like the earlier one you posted in this thread?

Come on man, you’re kinda contradicting yourself up in here with this post at every turn.

It was obviously edited. It didn’t start at the beginning so there was no context. People don’t know what edited means if they say it was unedited. With that said, it was easy to figure out what he was talking about if you’ve been following the news.


Sick burn!

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