Biden 2021 - A Mediocre Middle Ground

It’s as if you think all of the left encompasses the alt left my dude.

I really don’t know what “alt left”(or “alt right” for that matter) means, but how does it differ from the rest of the left? Which policy desires of the left are rejected by the alt left? Which policy desires of the alt left are rejected by the left?


It was a rant. But no I do not include those who lean left but are not insane. The far-left has shifted the overton window so dramatically, that former little ‘l’ liberals are finding themselves with more in common with right leaning people.

However, if one thinks biden is doing a bang up job, you’re beyond hope. I have never seen a person much less a president fail at absolutely every possible level and then some.

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Good questions. I would say old fashion liberals do find themselves at odds with the left, but there are very few of these liberals it seems. The plurality is from fully left to communist authoritarian left.

I never thought I would see in my life time a worse president than Jimmy Carter

Yeah, Jimmy was a punchline. But at least Carter’s heart was in the right place, he was just not terribly bright. And Biden ranks easily as the worst in history. I have never seen an administration in history that literally has zero wins. Everything biden touches turns to shit.

I just dropped a new topic with a video. I think you will very much appreciate it if you have time. I dropped a 13 minute snippet if you want the general idea, but the whole interview is fascinating, scary and truly ironic. It’s a KGB agent talking in 1985 about what is happening now… In other words, this dystopia we are experiencing was no accident.


Great idea Buck Fiden, what could possibly go wrong. Lets go Brandon…

Not sure if it was touched on already, but it also mandates breathalyzers for the ignition of all new cars.

One of the things I constantly bitch about in my wife’s car (2019 sportage) is that the back window is too small and you can’t see anything. It has a backup camera which I hate. Heres the story behind that in the early 2000’s (can’t remember exact year) Congress passed a law all new car’s rooves need to be strong enough to hold the weight of the vehicle should it roll over. This lead to car companies reinforcing pillars all the way around, especially on taller vehicles. The wider stronger pillars meant smaller windows. Congress then says new cars have limited visibility and are a hazard to pedestrians and in 2015(I think) mandates all new cars have back up cameras.

Congress mandates a solution to a problem no one was asking for, that raises the price of a new car, which creates a new problem that Congress then mandates a solution that increases the price of a new car.

It’s maddening and it screws the middle class and poor the most.


And morons think it’s capitalism. You left out that part.

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Of course, that’s totally sensible in a world that criminalizes the content of blood. Why give someone the chance to become public enemy number one?

Nothing like congressional overreach to ruin a free society. I am not for driving drunk, but kill switches and breathalyzers are punishments, not proactive measures. And as soon as they mandate it, almost certainly someone will invent a way to beat it. Of course, we are in the age of thought crimes and punishing sick people and\ or those who have been near a sick person. And there is a decent amount of the population that thinks people should be detained for not taking a government mandated medication. Every dystopian novel of the early 20th century, I have the misfortune of seeing coming true. I should have been a boomer. Better music, more freedom and I would be at the tail end of life watching it rot, instead of dead in the middle.

In the mean time, real crime sky rockets. And if you say it’s a problem, your a racist. Save for the fact I am making no claims about the race of criminals, the people accusing others for criticizing crime are.

Are we still thinking biden is just a ‘mediocre middle’ ground, or are people finally willing to admit he a complete, total and utter failure?
I am afraid this country could collapse like the Soviet Union. The indications are all around us. No war, or civil war, just collapse where faith in the government is so low it can no longer function as a body. To me, that sounds more and more like the likely scenario. After all, the historical precedent for that, isn’t that old. And some soviet satellites fell harder than others. Remember what the Romanians did to Ceaușescu?
Make people desperate enough, that type of shit happens and it can happen here.


Within a week, there will be a million teenage hackers with remote switches to shut down cars on the highway.

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I am afraid it will take awhile.

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I think its already happened. The majority are just in denial, pretending it hasn’t happened. It looks to be a bunch of insane(insert word that got the last discussion banned) masquerading in the flayed skin of a once great nation, like they are in a mardi gras.

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I don’t think so, but I may just be pessimistic. I do think I’ll see it in my lifetime, though! And I never thought that before the last couple of years.

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Wow that’s going to be expensive… and you can still use a child to bypass the lock. It’s happened in Aus when alcoholics are allowed to drive with the condition they blow a 0.05 or below BAC prior to getting behind the wheel

When there’s a will there’s a way

I can easily see the US falling prey to a right wing dictatorship under the guise of a candidate veiling his or her permanent rule as being “vital to protect democracy from the authoritarian left wing” just as I can see the opposite occurring.

However the rule of the left wing would probably involve say… Donald Trump running as an independent candidate. As a result republicans lose votes and Democrats are in for a looooonnnng time in which case they might be able to do practically whatever they want.

I remember the pundits saying the last election was the last real chance for the Republicans to win an election, because of demographic change through mass immigration.
The "vital to protect the democracy "was the argument used by the democrats, big business, unions, MSM, social media to do all they could to make sure Trump lost.
We are already there with a dictatorship, or at the very least an attempt at one. If the constitution gets selectively disregarded, and the president rules via executive mandates, the democracy is gone, its a dictatorship.

Most of the republicans are RINO’s, they are on board with all the woke bullshit, or at least don’t repeal it when they had a chance to in office.

Funny, Crowder last episode was on that, commenting on Putin saying America is trying to become Russia. And made a comparison of Bolsheviks when they came to power and Democrats. At media manipulation, statue destroying and economy there is no difference between Democrats and Bolsheviks.