Bidbadbombs Goes From Big to Better (Hopefully)

After a meet in July, I generally haven’t been doing any training. Really couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. First it was strongman, then I created an complete 5/3/1 template from scratch. After watching the Arnold doc on Netflix I decided I had to do some bodybuilding hitting a bodypart twice a week. Nothing really stuck though, haha. After enough time I realized I just wanted to go back to doing 5thSet style powerlifting/powerbuilding, making some adjustments to ease back into it.

My gym’s new location is extremely well equipped so I am excited to take advantage of all the new equipment and gadgets.

My main goal/objective/focus is losing weight. I would also like to rebuild a bit of athleticism while maintaining as much strength as possible.

Currently weighing in around 293, goal weight is 200 or 15% bodyfat. Whichever comes first, then reassess. I think a triple bodyweight squat would be cool down the road, but for now I just would like to be light enough that my heels aren’t sore standing in my kitchen. Probably looking at a year or more timeline for this.

Since nutrition is crucial to successful weightloss, I started using an app call Macrotracker. It works so well. Makes tracking protein and calories extremely easy. I also came to the conclusion that I hate cooking, so I am trying out meal prep services. First meal today was great. I think this is going to be a game changer.

First day of training on a new cycle:

Floor Press: 4x2, 1x4 @ 225, I discovered my range of motion on floor press is the same as on a regular bench so that was funny. Hoping to find a better bench stroke, and build more raw pressing strength with no leg drive for a while.
Black SS Pad: 2x15 @ 155
OH Press: 3x5 @ 95, I figured a return to OH pressing was long overdue
Chest support T-Bar Row: 3x20 @ 45
Lateral Raise: 2x10 @ 25
Machine Rear Delt Fly: 3x12 @ 40

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Huge catch up post here. Training has been going very well. Found a new schedule I enjoy. Started using a meal prep service which has been awesome. No longer have to think about what to cook on a day to day basis, unless I want to. My gyms new location just keeps getting better. They keep buying new, awesome equipment and keep moving stuff around to maximize space and improve the flow of the gym.

Decided to use SSB for squats for this entire Macrocycle of training. Will slowly work the barbell back in much later on. Really had no interest in wedging myself under a barbell for quite a while.

SSB Squats: 1x3 @ 400, roughly a 440 Training Max
Hack Squat: 3x10 @ 180
Hamstring Curl: 2x15 @ 65
BB Row: 2x12 @ 185
DB Row: 2x15 @ 60
BB Shrug: 3x20 @ 95
Calf Raise: 3x10 @ 110

Next Squat Training Day:

SSB Squats: 4x2, 1x10 @ 340
Hack Squat: 3x10 @ 190
Hamstring Curl: 2x15 @ 35kg
BB Row: 2x12 @ 195
DB Row: 2x15 @ 65
BB Shrug: 3x20 @ 105
Calf Raise: 3x10 @ 110
BB Preacher Curl: 2x15 @ 30

Next Squat Training Day:

SSB Squats: 4x2, 1x10 @ 345
Hack Squat: 3x10 @ 200
Hamstring Curl: 2x15 @ 40kg
BB Row: 2x12 @ 200
DB Row: 1x15 @ 65, 1x15 @ 75
BB Shrug: 1x20 @ 105, 2x20 @ 110
Calf Raise: Skipped
EZ curls: 2x15 @ 50

SSB Squats feel like I have a lot more to give. Will probably try to really push it the week before I deload.

Bench Day Catchup Post

Wide Grip Floor Press: 4x2, 1x7 @ 200, ended up really dropping my TM for this lift after switching to Wide Grip
Black SS Pad: 1x15, 1x9 @ 160
OH Press: 3x8 @ 100
Chest support T-Bar Row: 3x20 @ 50
Lateral Raise: 2x10 @ 30
Machine Rear Delt Fly: 3x12 @ 60

Next Bench Day:

Wide Grip Floor Press: 4x2, 1x5 @ 205
Black SS Pad: 2x15 @ 160
OH Press: 3x8 @ 105
Chest support T-Bar Row: 2x20, 1x10 @ 50
Lateral Raise: 2x10 @ 30
Machine Rear Delt Fly: 3x12 @ 70
EZ Curl: 1x15 @ 40, 1x15 @ 50

Next Bench Day:

Wide Grip Floor Press: 4x2, 1x8 @ 210
Black SS Pad: 1x15, 1x11 @ 165
OH Press: 2x8 @ 110, 1x7 @ 110
Chest support T-Bar Row: 3x20 @ 55
Lateral Raise: 2x10 @ 30
Machine Rear Delt Fly: 3x12 @ 70
BB Preacher Curl: 2x10 @ 30

Secondary Pressing Day Catchup Post:

Machine Chest Press: 1x30, 1x25 @ 35
EZ Bar Rolling Tri-extension: 2x10 @ 60
EZ Bar Pressdowns: 2x25 overhand and underhand @ 25
Band Pull Aparts: 3x30 with a gray band

Machine Chest Press: 2x30 @ 35
EZ Bar Rolling Tri-extension: 2x15 @ 60
EZ Bar Pressdowns: 2x25 overhand and underhand @ 50
Band Pull Aparts: 3x30 with a gray band

Deadlift Day:

Trap Bar (High Handles): 5x3 @ 400
DB Lunges: 2x10, 1x5 @ 30, replacing with Bulgarian Split Squats in a rack, these are too hard on my knees
Lat Pulldown: 4x12 @ 130
DB Hammer Curl: 2x12 @ 35

Been a while since I posted, things haven’t really gone according to plan. Work got crazy so I had to work crazy hours, which wore me down and then I got sick for a couple weeks and then Xmas came along. Ended up with a 4 week break. In the end I don’t really care, because a lot of the exercise choices I made I ended up not liking. I am fine with starting the Macrocycle over again. Just happens to line up with the new year. Since my goal is weight loss and building up general fitness, I might as well do movements I enjoy.

Got through my first microcycle.

Incline Bench: 1x3 @ 245,established new Training Max, set shallow incline. Felt really good. Excited to work this into my training.
Inc. Black SS Pad: 2x15 @ 135
OH Press: 3x8 @ 105
Chest Supported Row: 3x20 @ 55
Lateral Raise: 2x10 @ 30
Rear Lateral: 2x12 @ 30
BB Preacher Curl: 2x12 @ 30, going to change this to EZ-bar curl as I did this on Back day as well.

Squat Day:

SSB Squat: 4x2, 1x8 @ 340
Hack Squat: 3x10 @ 200
Hamstring Curl: 2x15 @ 40kg

Back Work next day:

BB Row: 2x12 @ 205
DB Row: 2x15 per arm @ 75
BB Shrug: 3x20 @ 110
BB Preacher Curl: 1x15, 1x9 @ 40
Sled Push: 70lbs for 160yds in appox. 5 minutes, Inside of my thighs (near the teardrop) started to cramp so I figured I wouldn’t force it.

Secondary Pressing Day:

Wide Grip Bench: 1x25, 1x17 @ 135, can never get 25 on both sets on the first day no matter how low I set the weight. These felt really locked in. Makes me think a might experiment with a wider grip on bench in the future, but historically a wider grip makes my hands slide with heavier weights. Excited to really build up this movement. Overall goal is to be able to bench 200lbs for 2x25 reps.
EZ-curl Rolling Tri-Extension: 2x10 @ 60
1 Arm Tricep Extension (under): 2x25, 1x17, 1x13 @ 20
(over): 1x12, 1x16, 1x13, 1x17 @ 20
Band Pull Aparts: 3x30 with gray band

Used a new pully machine since the one I like was being used for cable flys (what is it with gym bros and cable flys?). Resistance is different. I might try one of the new pulleys my gym has, that doesn’t have a pulley with a hinge on it.

Deadlift Day:

Sumo Deadlift: 5x3 @ 365
Sumo RDL: 2x10 @ 265
Lat Pulldown: 4x12 @ 130
DB Hammer Curl: 1x15, 1x12 per arm @ 35

Sumos felt great. Sumo RDL were tricky, to keep the bar in contact at all times. I see some scraped up knees in my future. Forgot to do some 1 armed BB holds in a rack for grip/core work. Goal with Deadlift day is to keep it pretty simple. Deadlifting seems to wear me out more than anything else.

First Microcycle complete. Excited to see what the next 6 months of training hold. I have a whole years-ish work of training planned out in my head. I have no desire to compete at all, just want to train for the fun of it and see how some of these movements go. Excited for the next 12 months of training, and hoping to finally shed some pounds.

Warmed up on the assault bike, and then hit the heavy bag for Approx 10 minutes to get really warmed up. Practiced some pivots into a flurry of hooks. Was interesting to work on a combo that was bouncing around in my head.

Incline Bench: 2x4, 1x8 @ 205
Inc. Black SS Pad: 2x15 @ 135
OH Press: 2x8, 1x5 @ 110
Chest Supported Row: 3x20 @ 55
Lateral Raise: 1x10 @ 30, 1x10 @ 35
Rear Lateral: 1x12 @ 30, 1x9 @ 35
EZ-bar Curl: 2x12 @ 30

Really good session. Despite the frigid temperatures on the Canadian Prairies, I felt awesome as I left the gym today. Haven’t had training make me feel this good in a long while.

Squat Day:

Quick warmup on the Assault Bike, and a quick mobility session. Gym was unusually crowded for this time of day.

Box Jumps: 1x3 @ 12, 2x3 @ 16, 1x3 @ 24

SSB Squat: 3x2 @ 370 then 1x2, 1x8 @ 345
Hack Squat: 3x10 @ 210
Hamstring Curl: 1x15 @ 40kg, 1x15 @ 45kg

Misloaded the SSB. Forgot the bar isn’t a straight 45lbs. Was wondering why bar speed was moving a bit slower. Worked late and honestly didn’t want to go, but glad I did even though the entire session didn’t feel awesome.

Wide Grip Bench: 1x25, 1x19 @ 135
EZ-curl Rolling Tri-Extension: 2x12 @ 60
1 Arm Tricep Extension (under): 4x25 @ 20
(over): 4x25 @ 20
Band Pull Aparts: 3x30 with gray band

Deadlifting from yesterday:

Sumo Deadlift: 5x3 @ 370
Sumo RDL: 3x10 @ 225
Lat Pulldown: 4x12 @ 143
DB Hammer Curl: 1x15, 1x6 per arm @ 35

Have to remember to be patient when initiating the pull with sumo. I can really rip it off the floor at lighter weights, but I know I will probably pop out of the groove and lose it when things get heavier.

Decided to drop the weight down on the Sumo RDL’s. Happy I did. Also happy I chose Sumo RDL’s.

Bigger jump in lat pulldowns means a setback with the DB curls.

Incline Bench: 2x4, 1x7 @ 210
Inc. Black SS Pad: 2x15 @ 140
OH Press: 3x8 @ 110
Chest Supported Row: 1x20 @ 55, 2x20 @ 60
Lateral Raise: 1x10 @ 30, 1x10 @ 35
Rear Lateral: 1x12 @ 30, 1x12 @ 35
EZ-bar Curl: 1x15 @ 30, 1x15 @ 35

SSB Squat: 4x2,1x9 @ 350
Hack Squat: 3x10 @ 220
Hamstring Curl: 1x15 @ 40kg, 1x12 @ 50kg

Hack squats felt real smooth. Gonna keep pushing that AMRAP set to see how far it can go.

Back day:

Barbell Row: 1x12 @ 205, 1x12 @ 215
DB Row: 1x15 @ 75, 1x15 @ 85
BB Shrug: 1x20 @ 110, 2x20 @ 120
BB Preacher Curl: 1x15 @ 40, 1x10 @ 50

Did this the same day as Secondary Pressing day. Made for a nice press/pull day.

Wide Grip Bench: 1x25, 1x25 @ 135
EZ-curl Rolling Tri-Extension: 2x15 @ 60
1 Arm Tricep Extension (under): 4x25 @ 30
(over): 4x25 @ 30
Band Pull Aparts: 3x30 with gray band

Finally hit 50 total reps on wide grip bench. Hopefully its off to the races now.