Bicipital Tendonitis

I’ve had bicipital tendonitis for a few months now. It basically is tender at the insertion point of the shoulder and arm. The pain radiates slightly down the biceps tendon. I’m getting ART sessions with massage on it.

I haven’t benched or done shoulder work for at least a month now. I’ve also avoid any external rotator work, since it aggravates it. However, the tendonitis is still there. I’m sure work on the PC doesn’t help either.

Any thoughts on the amount of time these injuries last and any exercises to avoid or even start doing? I realize it won’t go away overnight.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

The only thing I can offer is to boost your anti-inflammatories like fish oil, green tea, grape seed extract, vitamins E & C, etc. Google on “anti-inflammation” and you’ll find tons of information. Enzyme supplements like Vitalzym and/or Wobenzym can also be helpful. Zinc isn’t a direct anti-inflammatory, but it can be very helpful due to it’s ability to support hormone balance.

Speaking of hormones… HGH is widely used to help with injury recovery. I had a chronic elbow injury that had troubled me for years but 2IU/day HGH cleared it up in a month. Many people also find that Testosterone speeds injury recovery.

Testosterone is cheap, but HGH is not. I hope it is needless to say that self-medicating with hormones is a potentially very dangerous to your health situation.

Watch out for your shoulders, I think tendonitis is a symptom of poor shoulder health, check out Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman’s last article.

There’s also an article on here from a few years ago about treating tendonitis (I know not the same thing) with eccentric training, check that out too.