Hey guys. Having a hard time makin’ my biceps sore after working them out like I used to. What do you guys do to burn them up and make you curse them the next day? Thanks

Have your training partner run over them with his car.

(Thank you Coach Staley for that nugget of wisdom I so enjoy passing on to those whose goal is soreness and not progress and/or those who assume soreness is necessary and/or the goal of weight training.)

Soreness is not a proper indicator of hypertrophy. It can be a good sign but doesn’t necessarily mean hypertrophy. As the lack of it doesn’t mean you won’t grow. If it means that much to you you could have someone drop a 45 pounder on your arms after the workout…Just kdding…

do chinups with a towel, if that does not get you sore then nothing will.

I’d never confuse soreness with hypertrophy. I’ve been training for 7 years. Just seems like at the beginning when my arms were growing, they were sore after workouts. Now I’ve adapted and added weight/workouts and cant seem to get that same feel. Just curious if there’s anything special y’all do, or if I’ve just adapted.

Check T-mag for these articles: From Bonsia to Bamboo by TC, Great Guns by Ian King (a full 12 week specialization program), EDT for Arms by Charles Staley. Also read Alessi’s latest (I think) Iron Dawg article where he lists the best biceps exercises for your experience level. There’s more but that should keep your biceps “sore” for the next year or so. :slight_smile:

If you allow some decondicioning to take place you’ll have some soreness again. Read the HST interview with Bryan Haycock on this magazine.

use proper form and allow your poundages and tape measurements as well as shape of the muscle to tell you if you are improving. deconditioning will definitely help you make them sore again, that works for any muscle. laters pk

In my case, it seems that the exercises that make me sore are the ones that stretch the muscle in full extension (it’s longest position), not the ones with the highest intensity. Anyone else notice this? For biceps, preacher bench curls completely stretch the muscle, fully loading it at its limit of extension in the bottom position.