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I constantly get sore the next day in the forearms after a bicep workout. I have tried everything, Ian King workouts, “one Day Arm Cure”, various exercises, tempos etc…to no avail. Any suggestions?

I would suggest lowering your weight,use the bicep to curl the weight,not the forearm.That is likely what you’re doing.Try bending the hands(at the wrists)down during a curl.It takes the forearm out of the movement.Do not do this on reverse curls,keep the wrists neutral.

What’s your grip like? Do you have a tendency to “white knuckle” the dumbbell, barbell? I would suggest you lessen the weight and work on that grip. My boyfriend has exceptionally strong forearms, when we began to work out together that was an issue. We worked on things like thumbless grips, etc. And it’s worked.

Have you tried stretching the forearms before/after workouts? Also, where in the forearms are you getting sore?

Am getting sore on the “tops” od the forearms 1-2" out from where the bicep attaches. If you put your arms on a table palms down…right on top (best way to decribe it).

I have the exact same problem. Have tried stretching forearms before/during/after sets – to no avail. The only thing I have been able to do is to stagger my bi workouts – one workout is my regular bi workout – and the next one is an easy workout – with reduced weights by about 30%, thereby allowing my forearms to recover.

You may find that your forearms are the lagging part. If the above tips don’t work for you, try doing some specific forearm work to bring them up to speed and inline (relatively speaking) with your biceps.

i have had the same problem for years. tried all kinds of things but nothing helps. my biceps are not bad but, i will do a killer bi workout and have aching forearms for days!!! 21’s seem to work well for me however. ez curl bar. 7reps from bottom halfway up. 7reps from top down, and then 7 full reps X 3 sets. helps to get the whole bicep.

My suggestion is that the answer is in your grip recruitment and form. There is a technique I stumbled upon(mainly out of getting around injuries). Try having more recruitment coming from the pinky side of your grip. You can accomplish this by squeezing more with your pinky and adjacent finger or curl with those(pinky side) fingers higher than your thumb(Dumbells).

Deadlifts, Wristcurls and just hanging from a pull-up bar have helped to strengthen my grip and forearms cosiderably. Although after lifting my forearms still feel more pumped than just about any other muscle.

Like the others have said, your forearms need to be strengthed, and or/more endurance on them. I had that same problem when I started back into weight training in '90. What I did, thru perserverence, I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out at firstwas to build my forearms strength up slowly but surely, with nunchucks, and like the above reply, supinate the wrist at the top of the movement on dumbell/zottman/twist curls. Start out with rubber nunchucks to learn the movement, then use the heavier wooden ones. Throw the chucks 2, and preferebly 3 days before and after bicep workouts, to let the bis and fores restoh yes, chucks work the bicep muscle in the supinated positionyou can actually watch the muscle "roll"up and down as it gets worked. Of course the forearms are working like mothers the whole time too. All you do is, take one end of chucks in hand, and keeping your elbow against your side, and hand and arm pointing out and away from your body, using your wrist, “roll” your wrists up, making the other free end of the chucks twirl in a straight line beside your body. Do this for so many reps, then “roll” your wrists down, throwing the chucks in the opposite directon. The chucks end will be twirling thru the air just about 18 to 24 inches away from your body, you can of course lose concentration and it’ll hit you if you’re not careful. With the “twist curls” with dumbells, hold 2 dumbells, each palm facing toward your side, and the beginning of the curl will be a hammer curl, but as soon as the bell clears your leg, in one controlled movement, twist your palm facing directly up, and as you get to the top of the curl, supinate, (twist) your palm, making the little finger end up higher than the rest of your palm, working the bis in the supinated positionthis exercise works the bis in both positions at the same time, plus works the forearms hard. Do these, and/or hammers at every bis workout, and until (and even after if ya want), you build up your forearms enough, on your last 1 or more sets, use the heaviest weight of that particular bis workout for low reps to make the bis get most of the work. The fores will still be working of course, but the heavier weight shouldn’t make your fores give out, but will punish your bis. Also try to keep your wrists from moving on your barbell curls and slides, your bis will get most of the work. G’luck.