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Biceps Uneven After 6 Months

I’m having a bit of a conundrum. I’ve exercised and lifted as evenly as i could for the last almost six months. While both arms have almost matching strength, there is a 2 inch size difference. My left arm is at 17 inches and my right us at 15 inches. Will this even out the longer I work out or since I am left dominant, will it always be that much of a difference?

Have you ever had an injury to either extremity? Do you work doing physical labor? That is an extreme size difference… a half inch difference due to hand dominance would be understandable.

None that I remember aside from having an almost fatal infection in my right arm. It swole my forearm from the elbow to my wrist. It took 8 months for it to completely heal. That was over 10 years ago though

Well that certainly would be a likely cause imo. Especially to your non-dominant hand. This ~2in difference existed prior to you ever even picking up a weight 6 months ago.

Well crap…haha… I feel like that guy that beats off too much with one arm all built and the other skinny

Assuming you have no structural/chronic deficiencies in the arm, it’s definitely something that you can overcome over time with training. So to answer your original question at least, the longer you workout it should even out, especially since you say they have matching strength, which honestly boggles my mind.

Perhaps there is another cause for the size difference, but with the information given that’s the only likely one.

Maybe you should load stones. Or press a circus dumbbell. Or walk with a yoke.

Or, umm…

Within the context of this forum area I don’t know what else to say.

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lovely comment brady. well done.

greggy: I disagree with the notion that training will fix the problem… as I will explain below.

paraexpert: if your arms are very very close to each other strength-wise, as you suggested, then the underlying muscle size is probably very similar as well. my best guess is the difference between the 2 arms is fat distribution, since it looks like you’re carrying a fair bit of fat in your profile picture. Which SHOULD mean that you’re only dealing with an aesthetic issue, and the leaner you get, the closer the arms should be in size. It’s certainly not something that I would worry about if Strongman is your focus, and aesthetics aren’t a priority. And if aesthetics ARE a priority, leaning out makes sense anyway. So really, there’s no problem! lol

I have to find an outlet for passive aggressive snarkiness. Lot of new coworkers and I struggle socially.


we would be frands

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Okay, I guess it’s not fully correct to say that “training” over time would solely even it out. I was merely saying that it does seem to be something that can even out over time (and that training would aid in the process).

Make a concerted effort in the kitchen and you should be able to see changes.

Didn’t even realize this was posted in the strongman forum hah. Anyway, flip is the one who has put the time in over the years, so definitely value his advice.

lol sorry if it seemed like i was nitpicking. that was just my interpretation from the fact that he said strength was essentially the same with both arms. I definitely agree that the infection thing he mentioned is almost certainly the reason he’s dealing with this. It seems completely reasonable to me that a major infection in a body part could alter the way fat is stored in that body part.

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all good man.