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Biceps Twice a Week?


Is it overworking your biceps to train them twice a week? Like 23 sets?




Try it and see what happens. It shouldn't be too much, but you might recover slower than normal.


Well, scientific studies from a prestigious university discovered that the average man's BSSP (biceps sets saturation point) was around 21/week before the muscle will actually explode upon further recruitment.


I train arms twice a week man. It's quite alright.


I think the real question here is, does the OP really need to be working his biceps twice a week?




Unless you are already past the beginner stage, and have a decent amount of chest/back development, you would be better off spending the time doing more complex lifts like pullups, rows, chins, etc. all which hit the biceps in addition to other major muscles.

I do virtually no direct bicep work, but have larger arms than most of the guys in my gym who spend countless hours in front of the DB rack doing curls. If you have the time, go for it, otherwise you may want to train more intelligently. Personally, I think 23 sets is rather excessive unless you are training for Mr. Olympia or something.


The whole line of thinking here is just ridiculous. Frequency, volume... Can all be made to work.
How can we even answer the OP's question with what little data we have?

Work your way up to curling the 80's-100's for reps. How you get there is irrelevant as long as you don't get injured.

23 sets? Of what? Are those all work sets? Are you getting stronger?

He ought to be doing back work already. For obvious, non-arm-related reasons.


You typically have much better posts than this... But this one is a major flop dude.

Unless I'm confusing you with someone else.


My point was that 23 sets of bicep curls is excessive for someone posting in the beginners section. You can't get huge arms without a big back/chest. If time is limited, best to go for the more complex lifts that will cause hypertrophy for more than just the arms. I'm not arguing that frequency/volume is not feasable, just not the best use of time if time is limited.


Why would you assume that the OP's time is limited?

Who is really SO busy that they literally cannot afford 20 minutes to do a bicep workout?


Then something like:

WOuld have been better than your "you don't need arm work for big arms, let me blame the curl rather than the idiot trainers at my gym for their lack of progress" speech.

Fuck I can't wait for this internet meme to die.

Yes, some advanced guys can drop arm work and still gain, see IM. But for the most part, most people with impressive arms, did and do direct work. Are your arms going to get bigger, and your curl strength increase as you gain weight all over and your weights on the big compounds increase? yes. But dropping arm work as a beginner or intermediate all together, is most likely a piss poor plan for someone who doesn't want to look like a brick with stick arms.


23 work sets? Per session or per week? What kind of... aww, hell, just post your routine for each session and we'll pick it apart and tell you where you're screwing up and call you a dumbass and all that noise.

But the most important questions are: Are your arms growing (how much has your upper arm measurement changed in the past 6 months)? Are you getting stronger (how much more weight can you use now)?

If you're not making good progress, I'd reduce the volume a bit. If you are making progress, you can still play around with the volume to try and milk every little bit out of it.


Nobody on this forum can tell someone that there routine is wrong. 12 sets, 20 sets, 40 sets, nobody can tell someone what works and what doesn't. That's what annoys me most.

The only thing I can tell you is what I would do....and that doesn't mean too much.

I personally do not find 23 sets of biceps a week excessive, at all.


Agree. That's only 3-4 sets of 3-4 exercises, twice a week. Hardly outrageous volume.

Expecting your arms to grow without direct bicep training - dumb. I'm guilty of it as well. I stagnated for several years at 17" thinking they would magically grow from doing just compound exercises. Sadly mistaken. It wasn't until I started doing 2x/week bicep training that they finally got over 18".