Biceps/Triceps Strength Ratio

I understand that when training a muscle, you have to train the antagonist. Always train both muscles to be in balance.
Now I have been having some bad pains in both elbows and I am in treatment.

Today the docs asked me if I train the triceps more because the triceps seemed quite stronger than the biceps.
They THINK it should be the other way and they were gonna search what the best balance is (they don’t think is 50-50).

I was wondering if anyone here has a clue what the best balance is? For example if you can curl 50 kg you have to be able to do a skull crusher with 40 kg?

And what about legs? Earlier I had knee problems but fixed them fast by training glutes.
This is so killing me! I can’t do anything with these dam elbows! Help would be appreciated.

Maybe get a 2nd opinion as basic anatomy would teach you that the triceps has 3 muscles and the biceps has 2 muscles. It makes more sense to me that the triceps are stronger, especially because it makes up 2/3 of your upper arm.

Go figure.

Muscles building and pains can not be reduced to such mathematical principals as 3 muscles here must be greater than 2 muscles there or this muscles is bigger than that muscle. If you have a pain and it is caused by lifting weights it’s more likely due to overuse or improper form.

  1. Check your form.
  2. Check if any exercise is obsessive.
  3. Check how much weight you have been doing.

If you are positive it is due to an imbalance then just work the opposite muscle more and more until it goes away and you have found the right ratio for you.

There is no perfect ratio of curling to tricep work and vice versa. Only the perfect amount of muscle to accomplish what your trying to accomplish.

Another thing that hasn’t been mentioned is inflamation. Are you taking fish oil? I also agree with whoever said to check your form. if you are flaring your elbows on bench, it can cause them to hurt. In my experience any kind of extension where you are using a straight bar can cause the elbow to hurt. Try switching to dumbells for extensions, or find a way to use a neutral grip.

I started using strong bands for extensions and that helped a lot. Just switch up your grip and find something that doesn’t hurt. I also found that when I did chins it hurt my elbows, but pullups didn’t. Same with barbell curls. Good luck.