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Biceps Training


Hello, I was wondering about bicep training. ive been doing alot of iso training on my biceps but im seeing fewer results. I recently read that two of your excercises should be isolation and the rest compound.

Should I be training bi's and tri's alone on their own day or should i couple them with a back or shoulder routine to keep them under stress without isolating the muscle... Will I see better results with the latter? Thanks Im new here and I read alot of the posts but I dont post very often. Thanks again any input would help.


I've made the greatest gains in terms of biceps when combined with back day.

It would usually be sth like

-6 work sets (warm ups don't count) deadlift (no excuses, DO them!)

-25 chinups (I suggest you're more of the skinny type, so 50)

-4 sets bent-over rows

-finish with 3 sets of reverse preacher curls (Low rep 3-5)


Im not an expert, I just train for fitness.
I workout my biceps twice a week, usually on tuesdays and fridays. Just two sets, usually barbbell curls and preacher curls. Tuesday I go easy on them and friday I go heavy. You hit your biceps if you do pull ups and chins, so you might wanna work them the day you work your back.
It all depends on your goals.


6 work sets of deadlifts? Holy recovery batman. I only do 1 true work set for deadlifts and I have no trouble adding weight. 6 sets may lend itself to more size but I couldn't do that and squat in the same week.

Sidenote: I love deadlifts.


Direct bicep training does not a big bicep make.

Not sure how you're training, but you could probably get away with doing only one exercise for your biceps if you trained them with back - assuming you're doing some heavy rows and pull-ups. It sounds like this might be a significant volume decrease in direct bicep work for you - which would allow for more complete recovery.

I know its counter-intuitive, but I've found that if a muscle is lagging, hitting it hard with high intensity but lowered volume and frequency can have a good impact.


im 6'3 230 i do preacher curls 4x 10-12, seated curls4x 8-10 reverse standing curls 4x 10 low weight with the wrist tweak at the end, standing bar curls 4x 10-12 and then my triceps training. Ill also start deadlifting, I also work in inclined push ups to keep tension on the biceps, slow and staedy, between sets


Ah, thanks for bringing that up. I was indeed only doing deadlifts and no traditional squats at that time (old people rehab gym without squat rack, but chalk and deadlifts were ok...)

As I said, it worked for me and of course depends on what the OP is doing besides "bicep training" e.g. heavy squats.


I do 6x10 of deadlifts. I don't have a squat rack so I cant squat. So I just deadlift till I die. :slight_smile:


I had up until recently trained biceps on its own in a 5 day split. For probably the last month I switched to biceps to the same day as back and have noticed a change for the better in my biceps. I feel doing biceps after a heavy back day really gets a nice pump and aids with the mind/muscle connection, at least for me.


thanks phish and liv ill let you know in a month how it looks/feels measurements dont lie


Just out of interest what does your split look like?


My old split (year and a half)
Monday: Chest/abs
Tuesday: Back
Thurs Bicep
Friday: Shoulders/Legs

Current Split (About a Month)
Monday: Chest/Tricep/Abs
Tuesday: Back/Bicep
Wednesday: Shoulders/Legs
Thursday: Chest/Tricep
Friday: Back/Bicep
Sat: Shoulders/Legs


X2 On training bis with back. OP you're a newbie to, so training smaller muscle groups with a bigger one makes sense. Until you hit intermediate/advanced then "maybe" you can look into doing them on their own day. Who do you think is going to have better arms. The guys who progressed with weight/reps hitting twice a week with his bigger muscle groups or the guy who does them once a week on their own day?

So could be around 52 times a week you hit your bis if you're hitting arms once a week.

or if done twice a week could be done around 104 times in a year roughly!

I just started experimenting with doing higher reps says 12-15 on chest/tris day also. On my back day I'll do heavier sets say around 8.

Don't forget fore arm work after bis also!! Do your reverse cables curls, hammer wheel curls or pinwheels. 1 or 2 strong sets for 12-15 solid reps, cheating allowed on the last couple if need be.


Sixteen sets of curls? 8-12 reps per set? No wonder you aren't seeing much growth!

Do biceps on back day, four good sets of 8 reps with the highest intensity you can imagine. Forget light weight with the wrist tweak, forget saving yourself for the next 4x10-12 exercise. Four sets heavy of the most intense lifting you can imagine. If you feel like a part of your biceps might be missing some growth because you are down to only one isolation exercise, switch exercises every couple weeks. If you can get 8 reps on the fourth set, add some more weight.


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I was gonna, but then figured fuck it. OP seems to understand just fine.


That's exactly what i do.
When i want big quads, i go jogging.
When i want a big chest i do power cleans.
When i want big traps i bench.


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no no no silly. You just squat and it makes all those bigger & gives you huge arms.


I worked back and bis last night, did seated rows, bent rows, 65lbs/side, preacher curls, pull ups, seated curls, and then cardio. i feel good today, well see in a month or so when the numbers are speaking. thanks for the input