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Biceps Training for Structural Balance

After reading the following article I decide to check how I stood at each lift, strength-wise. It quickly became clear that, though my chinup strength was good, my curling strength was horrible!

I am unable to curl half my bodyweight and barbell curling causes a flare of pain in my forearms. I have decided to have an arm day consisting of the following:

EZ bar reverse curl 3x8 & V bar pushdowns 3x10 (superset) 45 secs rest

EZ bar curl 4x(4-6)& close grip bench press 4x(4-6) (antagonistic training: curl-90 sec rest-bench-90 sec rest-curl etc)

Chin ups 3xmax & skullcrushers 3x12 (superset) 30 sec rest

Barbell wrist curl 4x15 45 sec rest (reduce reps increase weight each week)
Barbell reverse wrist curl 4x15 45 sec rest (reduce reps increase weight each week)

Would this work? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

I saw your recent thread about the sprained wrist, so I’m guessing this plan is on hold for a while. Just wanted to say that, basically, it looks fine for an arm day but I’d want to see the rest of the training week (days, exercises, sets, and reps) to see how it all comes together.

I’d also tweak the order of things, so the bigger and/or heavier work comes first:
A1) EZ bar curl 4x(4-6)
A2) close grip bench press 4x(4-6)
B1) Chin ups 3xmax
B2) Overhead triceps exercise variation 3x12
C1) EZ bar reverse curl 3x8
C2) V bar pushdowns 3x10
D) Barbell wrist curl 4x15
E) Barbell reverse wrist curl 4x15

So yeah, good luck with the wrist though.

Its on hold yes, but i hope to get back to it soon :slight_smile: Thankyou for answering!

I had thought about putting the heavy work first but wasnt sure as in the mountain dog training for arms Meadows says putting some higher rep sets first to pump blood helps prevent injuries.

Do you think I will gain strength in my biceps/triceps with this setup? Or could i make better strength gains with another setup?

My workout:

Monday: chest+back antagonistic workout
Tuesday: abs+legs+rotator cuff work
wednesday: rest
Thursday: abs+arms+forearms
Friday: delts+calves

I wont post the entire workout but i made it following Thibadieus instructions (he made a couple of articles on how to structure a good workout).

I have tweaked it a little to give my wrists less work this cycle, such as taking out the overhead press and putting front raises instead, taking out the deadlift, using EZ bar instead of flat br etc