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Biceps Tendonitis in Front of Shoulder Only?

Is it possible to have bicep tendonitis with no bicep pain, only in the front of the shoulder? It only hurts when I tense my bicep. It’s in the same arm that I had golfers elbow about a year ago as well, for what that’s worth. (I’ve done a few tendonitis self tests and fail all of them, it just seems wierd that literally no pain is in the actual bicep) thanks!


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You replied on another post, and probably think I’m a dumbass, probably am. But you are the man, thank you, been researching for 2 weeks and this lined everything up!

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Bro - you just brought back many memories of my joint issues in the 80’s - I was plagued with biceps tendonitis - same as you described. What happens is that the head of the biceps tendon passes through this groove in the front of your shoulder. When it flares up it creates tremendous pain in that area - though not in your bicep - but any bicep exercise as well as shoulder movements will aggravate it. I was a competitive shot putter / power lifter back then so you could imagine how it impacted my sport and training. the only thing that worked was cortisone shots or pills - but now they have lots of other things. One thing I can tell you is to make sure you get it squared away. I had issues off and on for the better part of 2 years because I never gave it a chance to heal.

Yeah dude, it’s pretty shitty! My golfers elbow debilitated me, I could workout, help people move, I almost lost my job, it was crazy how much that messed me up, I can at least work around this.I’ve been stretching like crazy, and doing lots of mobility routines with a wooden hangrail and some voodoo floss, so hopefully I can beat this thing out before it gets too bad.