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Biceps Tendonitis Help

Hey guys, i have overtrained my both tendons, distal biceps tendons that is. i went to dr and he agree its a very bad inflammation, and he prescribed some nsaids, and 10 day pt. my problem is that due to bad healthcare in my country i would have to wait atleast 3 months for pt. can anyone give advice how to do this myself. now i do only slow eccentric curls, and was wondering is there anything else i could do?
thanx in advance

Ice it. Take it easy with pulling movements and back squatting.

oh im not doing any pulling now, i curling it up with my other hand, so only eccentric motion

I did that once for PT with my shoulder.

Honestly don’t have a ton of advice man sorry, haha. Not too qualified to give any. Icing it, and taking it easy is all I’ve ever found to work on something like that. Maybe someone more experienced will see this. Good luck!