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Biceps Tendonitis and Deadlifting

CT, I wonder if you could help me…I have picked up an injury in my distal biceps tendon (probably tendonitis I think). I cannot do rows or pull ups without pain but deadlifts do not cause any pain so I have continued to do them using your layering concepts. I have had good results, however, my biceps tendon is not recovering as I hoped, even though I am doing rehad exercsies, iceing and massaging etc.

I deadlift overhand with straps. Do you think deadlifting heavy could be preventing recovery of the tendon or would the straps be eliminating most of the stress on the tendon as I had hoped?

I also do shoulder press and bench variations from pins and some assistance exercises (but none that cause pain)

Any feedback would be very much appreciated

I’ll be honest injuries are not my area of expertise. Can the deadlift limit your recovery? Possible, and so does the pressing which puts the biceps in a stretched position at the bottom of the lift. Normally if an exercises doesn’t hurt it should make things worse, but they could potentially slow down the recovery process.

Ok, thanks very much for your response CT. Maybe I need to take a month where I only train lower body movements with no upperbody involvement. Although this doesn’t sound too appealing!

Thanks for your fast response CT, I really value your input