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biceps tendon

I seem to have pissed off my biceps tendon. I get real pain when benching and doing dips (rt side). All in the front center of my frontal deltoid.

I have been to a PT who is also a body builder and he gave me some anti inflams and reworked my shoulder work out to avoid over head press work and use various cable movements. In addition no full ROM on bench, stopping when arms are at 90 degs. I am still getting pain when benching, have not tried dips.

Anyone with experience in rehabing this injury? What was the protocol and how long did it take?

Thanks in advance.

the pain you describe sounds like an impingement, not biceps tendonitis. Try external rotator exercises.

Yes, Unfortunately. The upper tendon of your bicep runs through a groove at the top of your arm bone. You have unseated that tendon. Your PT has returned the tendon to that groove and you must now allow it to heal. I did the same thing ten years ago and by following the program outlined in “The Rotator Cuff Solution” by Health for Life (check out their website) I have had ten years without a problem.

I’ve had the same problem in both shoulders for over ten years. The only thing that has worked for me is doing some rotator cuff strengthening excercises and more importantly, finding a good ART practitioner. Whenever one or both get inflamed and aggrevated, I go in for a treatment. Sometimes he can fix things with one treatment and I don’t have to see him for another six months. Sometimes it takes two treatments. Without ART I would be fucked. Oh, one more thing that helps me. Barbell bench and incline aggrevate the problem for me, but dumbbell bench and incline don’t seem to. I can bench heavy with dumbbells with no pain, but if I switch to barbell for more than about four weeks, it flares up. Good luck, hope this is of some help.

sounds like what i had. ice it a couple times a day, every day. take lots of anti-inflamatories. most importantly, find an art practioner. that’s what really helped me out the most.

You have exactly what I have. Find an ART practitioner. In the mean time do not use full ROM when you bench, stop 2 inches above you chest. Going all the way down will only agravate you problem.

I’m a member of this club too. I find that incline anything doesn’t aggravate it but flat and decline everything does. Dips are the absolute worst.

Thanks for the comments and help. Looks like I am on the right path for recovery. Looks like I have an ART vist in my future.

I have the same problem, caused by a bone spur impinging on the bicep tendon. Also have a partial rotator cuff tear. Avoid the orthopaeds, go on the web and do a searh for
“Prolotherapy”. It involves injections typically comprised of glucose and lidocaine which causes an inflammation that results in repair to the damaged tendon. There’a a fair amount of literature on it. I’m going to give it a try. Check it out.