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Biceps Tendon Soreness

Ive never had a biceps strain before, but this last week. I sort of under ate and over trained, and felt a little pull while curling.

I gave it no direct arm work for 5 days and it flared up during back training.

SO now im pissed cause I just got my latest Biotest shipment. and I was planning a little intensification bulk phase.

How much rest? right now im just doing everything but no arms, and may have to cut back out to.

when I pour a pitcher motion it hurts the worst.

I know I know ART, but Im in a new area and havent found a guy that I trust yet.

If the pain is on the outside of your elbow area you may be dealing with a case of “Tennis Elbow”. I am currnetly fighting that demon right now. I have been putting ice on it and taking NSAIDs. Seems to be getting a little better. Not sure if this is the same as what you have but if so I hope it helps a little. Good Luck!!

no its right where my forearm meets my biceps at the tendon. not the outside