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Biceps Tendon Rupture


Been off T-Nation for a while because I wiped out going down the stairs a couple of months back and nearly blew my right shoulder apart. Lots of rotator cuff trauma, agonizing rehab etc.

Now that it has gotten better a bit it seems that the biceps tendon at the shoulder (proximal) has ruptured. I look like Popeye when I flex it. Since I want to stay training hard I need to ask for some advice from those of you on this list.

  • Have any of you had reconstructive surgery for this condition or know someone who has?

  • Have any of you helped rehab someone for this?

  • Did surgery actually fix the issue? In other words, did it allow a return to full activities (and by full I mean seriously hard training)?

  • If you did not get it fixed, has it caused any issues in training or your life?

What I'm afraid of is that my doctor's idea of "full recovery" and mine are at odds. I train harder than 99% of the athletes I know (which makes me average here at T-Nation ;D) and don't want to get it done to find out it really doesn't do anything for me.

Any and all advice welcome.

Thanks in Advance!



Hit up elitefts.com , there are a ton of guys over there who have torn their bicep and are back training. Check out the Q&A.


Just to provide you with a bit of hope, Jared Spybrook ruptured his bicep tendon a while back, had surgery and came back to win Pro Lightweight Strongman Nationals... twice.

Unfortunately, after winning his second title this year, he ruptured the other one in training, killing his impending trip to China for Worlds.

He just had surgery a few weeks ago and is on his way to recovery, after which, he'll be at the top of his sport again. Essentially, I'm telling you to get it fixed.

If you're worried about how surgery and rehab may limit you, watch this: