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Biceps Tendon And Flat Bench

Let us know how it’s going with all the tips.

[quote]humanator wrote:
Let us know how it’s going with all the tips.[/quote]

So far, so good. I tried retracting my scapulae, arching my back, and rolling back the wrists a bit. Felt pretty good.

I did my warm-ups, moderately heavy sets, and speed work that way. Until I get the form down, I’m still doing my heaviset sets with incline DB’s.

Interestingly, my traps are sore as hell from retracting and keeping tight throughout the sets.

[quote]humanator wrote:
7-Slightly extend the wrists when benching so that the heel of your hand points almost upward toward the ceiling rather than down toward the feet.

Seems like wrist extension would actually increase the ROM, but it somehow feels better. Is there some biomechanical / physiological trick at work here?