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Biceps Specialization Program?

Took some measurements today
biceps=16 inches
chest=45.5 inches
waist=39.5 inches
quads=44 inches

more info:
about halfway through a bulking phase

Is it time for a biceps specialization program?
Any specific program recommendations?

Quad pics?

This is an old pic from about a year ago.
The measurementz were taken earlier today.


never mind the person taking the measurements is retarded
it is 24.5 inches LOL

and im retarded for not knowing it was wrong right away.
I’ve never taken measurements before.

Just keep growing all over. Biceps seem to be in line with other measurements.

Wasn’t sure. Thanks.
That’s good to know wasn’t really sure always thought
biceps were small.
When I first started working out had 13 inch biceps but thought
they were HUGE just because how they looked compared to everything else.

Any other opinions on those measurements if a biceps
specialization program is needed? don’t really care
to take potential progress away from everything else
while on a caloric surplus; just to have bigger biceps
but just that they are not unproportional.

waist=39.5 inches, you wish your IQ was close to half that.
Seriously cutting the next 6 months is your priority.

Way premature for specialization. IF…you want to specialize for cycles, it’d better serve you to cycle hypertrophy phases and strength phases. Strength won’t come until you lift heavy ass weights, and hypertrophy won’t come until you move progressively heavier weights for sufficient volume.

I have been cycling between MxS and Hypertrophy phases.

When does it come time that going on a 3-6 week program to focus on a certain lagging body part
not become premature.

And I don’t really care about 39.5 inch waist as I am bulking to extremes this winter.