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Biceps Size and Front Squatting


Is it true that the bigger your biceps are, the more flexible you have to be in order to get into the front squat position with the elbows forward? I hear this thing a lot in the gym (even the powerlifters say so).

As for me myself, I don't specifically train the biceps BTW.

It also reminds me of this video:


where'd you hear that? big biceps would not prevent flexibility in the racked front squat because it is not your biceps that need flexibility in that position... biceps would only block your forearms somewhat if they were big enough. and, in that video, you can't tell if mark felix has the required flexibility or not since he doesn't even know how to properly rack the bar on his shoulders.

stupid thread, sorry.


Yes. Just do an arm session before you front squat or C&J and you'll be fine. If people can't do it they aren't flexible enough. It's like saying people with big legs have to work harder to do the box splits. Yeah. Not everyone (infact a very small number) of people can do box splits straight off the bat. People have to work at it.

The elbows don't need to be that high. They just need to be high enough that your arms aren't loaded with the bar. If they are 'holding' the bar up thats wrong and your not flexible enough. The bar should be resting across your shoulders/ with your arms not loaded.



I heard it from various people in my gym, weightlifters and powerlifters. They don't advise us weightlifters to train the biceps specifically (though it's rare already seeing a weightlifter curling) because of that reason.

About Mark Felix, aaron_lohan said it so:


I don't know aaron_lohan so I can only wonder if it's true or not.


If Mikhail Koklyaev can rack a clean then just about anyone can

It's true that most bigger people will have a harder time racking cleans, but I don't think that's necessarily to do with the fact that it's harder for them to be flexible enough. It's that years of training without much mobility/flexibility work will make you tighter


It's the not stretching enough part. Mark could spend some time doing it but he probably has other priorities in his training.

I only recommend a lifter to do some chins and a few curls if they can rack a Clean properly. If they can't, it's a waste of time. At the same time theres not much to gain from doing a f0ck load of bicep curls. 2-3sets of chin ups will do fine 1-2x a week.