Biceps Rupture from 1050 Pound Tire

finished my sat morning training - squats, deads, trap bar deads, tire flips & a few other smaller movements

about 90 minutes later I dove into an all out effort with the new tire - SnAp CrUnCh!! biceps pain - i think I dodged a bullet though as I could fairly easily hold 450 pounds with a double overhand grip

I should really know better… but please learn from my stupidity - get the body WARM before extreme efforts

the better you feel, the more important it is to get the body prepped

any tips out there for bullet proofing this arm guys?

I usually do a few sets of heavy db curls and flip a small tire (550 lbs) several times before going to the big boys. That does the trick for me.

it also depends if you had antibiotics recently 3-4 months can cause tendon rupture. it was my left arm and
i had 2 boxes total weight 20lbs and found out in surgery i had aslo torn rotator cuff, acl, labrum. also ruptured bicep tendon