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Biceps Pump with Back Training


When I do lifts for back I generally get a better pump in my biceps than my back.

Especially in regards to pull-ups and db rows.

The only time I get a pump in my back that is noticeable is when I do bb rows.

What am I doing wrong on the pull-ups and db rows?



Jerking to heavy of weight up and using all of your arm. Use a controlled motion to really contract your back. Try a looser grip on those exercises. I found that I take SOME of my arms out of the lift when I do. However, once you get to heavy weight it's hard to have a loose grip.

For DB rows imagine pulling with your elbow and bring the weight to you hip.
I bet when you BB row you have a overhand grip hence not having as much pump in your bis?
How many pull ups can you do? If you can do strict pull ups and not flail like a retard trying to swim your arms won't be used as much if you flail.


Are your lifts going up?

If so, nothing.


I personally completely disagree with fuzzyapple, jerking the weight IMO does not at all use your arms more, but rather brings other muscle groups that shouldnt be used into play (your hips for example)
I also completely disagree that loosening your grip is a good idea, all that will result is a lesser force transfer and you wont be able to move as much weight.
When I do pullups, I ONLY ever get a pump in my arms, and my lats are rarely sore the next day, however my weights are going up, my back is certainly getting bigger. I recommend you pay more attention to progression of weights and reps.
Once you have added 100 lbs to your BB rows, and are able to do many weighted chinups, I promise you will have big and powerful upper back muscles, regardless of how much you "feel" them working during an exercise.


Yes, I do use overhand grip with bb rows. However, I'm not sure that's all there is to it as I can really feel the lift working my back.

On the pull-ups, I get 10-11 with strict form before getting 1-2 more by cheating a little bit. I do feel it in my lats the next day, just not during the work out.

Should I use overhand grip on pull-ups as well?


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Just what has worked for me and may for others.

Before you go bewildering peoples opinions they have, ask for the reasoning behind them.

Like how would your hips be used in jerking the weight in a DB row?


Yes that really is all there is to it. Overhand grip lowers the biceps contraction when compared to a overhand grip. Give it a try, next back workout use a underhand grip and your bis will be used more.

If your not already you are doing chin-ups, which would use your bis a little more than an over hand grip. If your trying to work your back more use overhand grip.


The back is notorious for not being able to feel the muscles being used. Concentrate on contracting the muscles being used and use perfect form until you get the hang of it and have a better mind-muscle connection.


Heres a link I personally use as a good reference on form with many exercises. Myself, ive noticed a greater pump in the target areas after following the instruction.

Hope its helpfull.


I'll check it out. Thanks.


Switch to a hook grip.


for vertical pulling find a dual pulley lat machine and learn to feel your lats on it with a moderate weight range and once you get your form down dumbbell rows you will start to feel your back in pull ups, i would do neutral or overhand grip.