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Biceps Program for a Tall Guy?


I’m 6’3 ,194lbs. and trying to add size to my arms…I can’t seem to make them grow especially my biceps.I have a long wingspan…I want to start this program https://www.t-nation.com/training/bodybuilder-biceps-powerlifter-triceps
Would you recommend doing this?once or twice a week?Thanks in advance


I’d go with twice a week + I’d also say you might wanna add in some high-rep-low-rest between sets to finish if your biceps are really stubborn. Back when I used to train biceps I’d often finish with up to a handful of super-high rep curls where I’d really just focus on the FEEL & getting a really good contraction as opposed to counting reps OR I’d do what I like to call ‘Crazy Eights’…ie I’d knock out 8 reps with a db curl with my right side, then my left & basically just keep going back & forth between arms till their was nothing left in the tank.


I’ll do that.thanks a lot


Read John Meadows article on arm training


The t nation arm workout looks great , i was told by a strength coach that close grip chins are very effective bicep exercise.
Also as gorilla states biceps can easily be trained once a week heavy once high reps and lighter.
Dont just move weight pretend some pretty girl is feeling your arm while you do reps.


Technique tip of the year right there :ok_hand::hugging:


So if Rosario Dawson was holding youre left bicep, and Harvey Quinn ( suicide squad girl)was holding your right bicep, you might have awsome form and get a few more reps on a set of curls. I can dig it


Taking your chin-up to +90lbs of added weight for 5-10 reps, and your barbell curl to 115-135lbs for strict 5-10 reps will do you good if you’re not already there.

If you are, the advice above sounds great.


I’m halfway there…I guess i’ll work up to those numbers