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Biceps Problem, Losing Strength


Hi I have a problem when I´m doing straight sets for biceps. It seems that I lose a great amount of strength from set to set. For exemple today I had a session where I curled 10 reps first set, with about 1 rep left. Then on the second set I could only do 5 reps with no reps left in me.

Any idea for a routine with sufficient volume to make 'em grow, because this surely dosen't?


This is a complete mystery to me.

Your lifting weights, and your muscles are getting tired? I dont think anyone here can help you.


Yes. Christian Thibaudeau posted an article that included a great bicep program. I've tried it and had good results. It's an 8 week run and at the end I gained 3/4'' with a crap diet. I've actually started it up again this week and hope to gain another inch or so with a good diet.

Here's the link -




You could just take longer rest periods between sets.


You could also try starting with a lower weight on the first set and adding as you go.


Thank you


Well that's just ridiculous. Who trains like that?


Thank you, Braas. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.