Biceps Never Sore


just wondering what i can do to get that sore feeling after my biceps workout. they’re NEVER sore.

this is my routine:

  1. curls - 3 sets
  2. reverse curls - 3 sets
  3. hammers - 3 sets
  4. cable work - 3 to 6 sets


  1. db work - 3 to 6 sets


  1. preacher bench work - 3 to 6 sets

just yesterday i tried some tri-sets/giant sets. i’m still not sore.

Soreness is not necessesary for strength and hypertrophy. Read the articles by Waterbury and Staley on this. Soreness should not be a goal. It’s not necessarily a sign of progress.

[quote]shamr0ck wrote:
just wondering what i can do to get that sore feeling after my biceps workout. they’re NEVER sore.


Two words - Coach King!

Take a look for Ian’s “Twelve Weeks to Great Guns” program in the archives. When I first looked over the program, it didn’t look too bad. But the day after the second session I was cryin’ like a girly man!

Seriously, I’m like you - never sore in the Bi’s or Tri’s. I can almost guarantee that you’ll be sore after some of the trisets and wave loaded sets in this regimen.

Give it a try.


Try doing a set of 100’s on a straight bar. I did this in college once and was so sore for a week that I have vowed to never do it again (13 years later).

How old are you, 12?

Soreness isn’t an indication that you are making progress or that your biceps are growing.

Seriously, listen to the others. Read Waterbury and Staley’s stuff. And stop working out for 2 - 2 1/2 hours!

Want sore biceps?

Take hammer, hit arm, repeat.

[quote]willr3 wrote:
Want sore biceps?

Take hammer, hit arm, repeat.[/quote]

Took the words out of my mouth.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [dumb face included]

embarrassed as i am now, i am aware of the fact that soreness is not an indication… but what i cannot understand is why for instance my triceps are sore for few days and my biceps aren’t. does this have to do with fibre makeup?

thanks for the flaming :slight_smile: grilled to perfection now. no, seriously, i’m taking in what you’re saying and i will definately change my routine… i’ll check the articles recommended.

thanks again!

I think you have raised a good point!

My biceps rarely get sore compared to my triceps. I think it may have something to do with the amount of work that the biceps get during the average day. The triceps don’t do much in terms of practical daily work, so perhaps they get sore when they are pushed in the weight room. Just a guess.

As for your routine, where are the close grip chins?

Are you just doing 3 sets of ten reps?
If so why not change up weight and reps scheme, such as: more weight less reps more sets. 5 sets of 6 reps, 8 sets of 5 reps. I know one of the recent articles goes over this.

a big thank you to all for their humorous and sincere advice!

zeb: hehe, chins! yeah, i’m gonig to include those! you have a very valid point there.

all: aye, definately need to do something about my rep scheme. yes, usually sets of 3, for 8-12 reps (yeah, hypertrophy range if there ever was noe).

just an observation, i did some cable work some time back, and the day after, my biceps were actually very tight, so i would guess that’s the closest to sore i’ve been.

as far as progress is concerned, i have gone from 10 kg curls to 40 kg over the past 8 months. i’m not a naturally strong individual, but for me, that’s good progress.

Shamr0ck, I would also suggest chins.
Then the “rope pull” exercise described by CW in Branding Iron. However I’ve no idea how to perform this latter exercise in a gym (preferably inside).

yeah, i read about those rope pulls… but how do i perform them? hehe and i did start chins as well!