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Biceps Never Sore

after training the body part that i wokred is usually sore for at least a couple of days, my legs are still sore from tuesday for example… i did my biceps and back yesterday, and my biceps are not one bit sore, my lats are pretty sore tho… i took my biceps to failure in some sets, did lots of forced reps… they just never seem to get sore. anyone find they have this same thing? and could someone perhaps tell me why

I don;t know why. But let me assure you it doesn’t matter. Gauging the productivity of a workout on soreness is like gauging your success in life on how many chicks you nailed (ok, that may be a good indicator).

Soreness means nothing. What matters is progression. Constantly improving yourself in the gym. Always strive to increase the weights, reps, density etc, and you’ll be on your way to hugedom.

And don’t take after mighty mouse and neglect your legs. They’re a vital component to your physique and strength :wink:

Let me also tell you that I wasted 4 years of training by basing a productive workout on soreness. If I wasn’t sore the day after a workout, I changed it the next time I went. Because of this, Im now playing catch up with my strength, when I wouldn’t have to had I stuck with a program and not care whether I was sore or not.

[quote]forbes wrote:
What matters is progression. quote]

yeah, pro-a-ggression

/end hijack and unconstructive commenting

I find really hard to get soreness on my biceps, that doesn’t mean they haven’t grown. When I started they were just above 12"(no bad genes, I started at 5 6" and 14yo), and have been 17" (5 8")at their highest.

For a painful pump and guaranteed cramps and soreness later on I throw a couple sets of 21s on the ass end of my arm day.

My biceps never get sore, but nonetheless they have grown.