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Biceps - Indirect Work?


So as I was in the gym today training my bench, there was a guy doing set after set of biceps. Got me thinking about my training... I do plenty of back every week, but probably only 3 sets of biceps a month. So I was wondering what you guys do for them?

Obviously they need some work to prevent tears from deadlifting and preventing elbow tendonitis, but really, I don't care about having big biceps. Is indirect work from doing upper back work sufficient?


For some people it is, but for most it isn't. Just throw in 3 sets of direct bicep work every day you bench and keep doing the heavy indirect work and you should be fine. It take 5 minutes at the most, and tearing a bicep or getting chronic shoulder pain will take up way more time than simply doing this.


I bench 4-5 times a week... I take it 3 sets twice or three a week would be plenty?


Should be. If you get in the habit of just doing it when you bench, then you won't have to think about it though.
I mean, we're talking like 3 sets of 10 with 20-35lbs DBs for most people. It's not going to be taxing in terms of time, effort or recovery.
It'd do sweet FA if you weren't doing heavy indirect work, but as it is it helps to bulletproof you a little and can drag along your biceps if the lack of direct work is actually holding you back (it certainly was with me).


I'm a vain, petty little man...so even thou I've moved from bodybuilding to powerlifting, I do biceps about once a week, around 6-8 sets. They are mine, I grew them and I'm keeping them.


Ive never heard of this lack of bicep work being linked to elbow issues .

I hate training biceps.....rarely do it....................and my elbows are touchy as fuck........hmmmm


The origin of the biceps cross the shoulder, it might not be a bad idea to train them. I am of the mindset that everything from your triceps to your fucking pinky toe extensor muscles need to be as strong as possible in order to lift the most weight possible. Plus, huge screamin' bi's will intimidate other lifters at competitions.


I love training biceps. Do them at least 2x a week.


I just curl an empty bb inbetween sets of pressing exercises for sets of 10 and I alternate from narrow, medium, and wide grip. I might try reverse curls soon just to break the monotany.


Hammer curls are also a very good choice. They contribute to grip strength a bit, and also are great for adding stability for things like bench and other pressing motions. Also, for those with already "tweaked" elbows, they can be more comfortable to perform vs. barbell curls.


true dat...........hammers are o.k. . straight-bar and EZ bar curls are hell on my elbows .


At least 4-5 sets of some kind of bicep work on DE days, usually somethin along those lines on ME days, works pretty good


Just doing some hammer curls at the end of my bench days (so only 2 times each week), for like 3 sets has helped my tendinitis a decent amount. I kinda superset them at the end w whatever im doing and it doesnt take any extra time really


I never do any direct biceps work, but I do tons of pullups with a large range of motion (chest to bar as opposed to chin over bar), and my biceps have actually gotten pretty strong. I would say that if you do choose the route of eschewing direct work, try to make sure that you're still stimulating your biceps through compound work.


seriously there is nothing wrong with doing some curls


Train your Biceps at the end of your upper body days.


did this today .

gonna try like hell to keep it up......light and high reps . maybe it will help with the elbows ; although the last couple squat sessions I noticed almost no pain .


It will most certainly make a difference. Personally, I notice I'm pain free in my elbows. biceps, and shoulders when I do curls regularly twice a week.


I never really train biceps either i always thought that weighted chins were sufficient but i think ima start i mean it really couldn't hurt. I think its because i ;ve heard so many jokes about weak guys doing endless curls in front of the mirror and in the sqaut rack it just made me not want to do them lol.


on the elbow thing.......

was reminded yesterday why I dont do chins ( wide grip ) .