Biceps in Relation to Shoulders

So, I’ve been looking at pictures of olympians and other top level BBs front and rear double bi poses. I have noticed that their biceps either have the same height as their shoulder or are a little “taller.” My first question is what are the judges looking for when it come to symmetry of that area? Also do you think that is a good indicator of whether or not someones bicep is over, under, or on par, for development?

branch, his bi and shoulders are pretty even as far as i can tell

Um. Whether your biceps is ‘taller’ than your shoulder has more to do with how you pose than the size of the 2 muscles.

I kinda find that hard to believe. Isn’t your bicep and shoulder attached to the same part of your arm? so if that’s the case repositioning your arm either higher or lower wouldn’t influence the height of either muscle. it’s really not super important i guess. to be honest, I’m just curious to know what judges are looking for more than anything.