Biceps Fatigue Early During Chins

Hey guys, I’m still on my own version of westside and I do chin ups as a way to improve my back muscles and give me some back stability for heavy benching. The other day I did sets of just my bodyweight (218) with the following rep layout 8,7,6,4,4,2. During the third set, my biceps just died and it then became nearly impossible to finish the movement with my back and the tight gripping I had wasn’t rreally helping me either.

The only other direct biceps work I do is either BB curls or DB hammer curls, or DB rows if you count that, but that’s it. I haven’t really made much progress with any kind of curls, I’m about as strong in that area as I was 1 year ago, which sucks. The way I curl is that I try to get excellent form throughout most of the set, though on the last set, the last 1-2 reps usually have crap form.

Maybe I’m just working my biceps work directly, but should i maybe let my ego get in the way and just force more weight to curl? It’s really annoying how it’s now affecting my chin ups, and it’s no fun that I’ve had weak biceps for most of the years I’ve been lifting…

Are you training your biceps after your back?

Yes, usually direct biceps work is done dead last in any workout (unless I decide to do some minor grip work). I figure this makes the most sense because I need fresh biceps to do the back work.

It makes no sense if it’s not working for you. Train biceps after chest or train your arms alone.

Hmm, thanks…probably the only option for me would be to do them on RE/DE day after RE/DE benching or after the arnold presses. I would then proceed to do the rows later…If that doesn’t work, I can always do some bicep work after lower body days.