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Biceps Exercises: DB Toss, Drop Curl


I've been Playin around with Bicep Curs lately and Ive noticed chages in my strength and endurance from that muscl group.

Check this

Take a Dumbell and toss it back and forth from right to leftbut catch it at the lowest position possible and when you toss it to the other side flex the bicep that you just worked

Followed by some ez bar curls

Start position

Hold the Bar at your forehead, then drop it, catch it at your waist, squeeze, then return it to the start position

I fuckin love training biceps like this, and I'm not even lowering the weight Im using like for the db tosses Im using 80's and the drop curl I'm using 135-145 for 4x8 and increasing each time I hit the Biceps.


How do you toss an 80lb dumbell from hand to hand?


Heavy is relative.

Sounds like a fun way to hit biceps occasionally. I would be careful with possible muscle tears... since when you're catching the weight it's going to be exerting a much higher force than if you were curling under control.

In addition, this popped in my head as a type of chaos training appropriate for strongman competitors, not necessarily bodybuilding. Interesting enough though.


I dunno, but I'm planning on finding out one day soon.

That and I'm assuming the OP is a big heavy bitch.


If the EZ curl bar gets anywhere near your forehead, you're doing them wrong.


Say hello to the wanderful world of tendon ruptures!


Exactly. I am surprised anyone curling anywhere near 80lbs in one hand would miss the stress on their tendons doing something like this.

At the least, expect a biceps tear in the near future.

Anyone else who thinks this is a great idea....stop thinking.


You got pictures yet, man? 90% of cell phones have cameras on them now, you know.


Prof X, is this our relationship? I say something, then you butcher it?

anyway, would you suggest a lighter weight? or do you just hate this altogether?


A big heavy bitch I am


Butcher it? If you are dropping a weight that heavy and trying to catch it after a free fall, the thing you are stressing most is your tendons. That is not a smart thing to do if you ever plan on curling the 90lbs dumbbells or greater.

Larger bodybuilders warm up, not just to get the muscle ready, but mostly to get the tendons ready for the heavier weight. The greatest risk for someone at that level is injury.


I've done drop catch curls with dB's in the past, they are great and fun. Granted, I would obviously use lighter weight since I was basically throwing it downward and catching them at a 90 degree angle. You can definately feel/see how you could pop your tendon if you go too heavy or if you're not careful.


I think he hates it altogether. Just my .02



Where exactly lies the issue with just getting beastly strong on regular curls?
Not exciting enough?


I dont start off with this I am pretty loose when I get to it. By the time 'm doing this I've done some slower full range moves for my bi's.I got you though, I'll take the weight down. maybe 40's on the db's and 10 on the ez bar.


Which seems to be missing here. I would rather work on getting that curl weight up to 90lbs or heavier than purposely stress my tendons to the point of near rupture just for the hell of it because "it's fun!!".


I'm just letting you know what the deal is. I am stronger than that on that movement and have been for a long time. I injured my right arm (strained the muscle) doing 90lbs durls...and that was without dropping the weight from the second floor and catching it behind my back.


I respond best to violent movements. I have to just blow shit up


ok, I geuss I'll just stop the drop curls and try to incorporate Cleans into my split now ( because I gotta blow something up) Thanks for the insight


Like the kids using shit-stabbing form pulling from the floor. "495 and I shit my pants in the process!" YAY! I witnessed this shit yesterday. No lift, horrible form. I was cringing the whole time looking at him. He can't feel good this morning. I will NEVER pull from the floor ever again. On subject: Count wtf? No, you curl heavier and heavier. That's fun. Only the LaBuff/Shuga generation can get away with such acrobatics because they rarely work over 20lbs per arm. You know? 90lbers for curls just isn't functional.