Biceps Exercise 7s

I was wondering how effective the “7’s” exercise is. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, it is an exercise where you get a relatively light weight (maybe the bench bar only) and curl it 7 times to the middle of your stomach, 7 times from the stomach to the chest, and then 7 more times as a full curl. It is for a total of 21 reps. Anyone had good experiences with this. Let me know. TC, Chris, John, Cy, anyone…

Actually the’re called “21’s”, but who’s counting? T-mag spoke about them back in one of the “Resurecting the Oak” articles. At any rate IMO I’d say they are useful as a shocker. Since most of the time you aren’t focusing on each part of a full rep. Yet like anything, they can become stale after a while.

it sure burns the hell out of your arms. i heard it is good bceause it gets the blood pumping through your arms. prob a good shocker like hya said.

Try it on pushdowns for tri’s too- you MAY throw up :slight_smile:

I don’t really recommend this but it’s amusing. It’s something I tried back in my first year of weight training, being adversely influenced by Ellington Darden’s books.

Namely, squats performed with what he called
“stage reps,” similar to the 21’s concept.

If you don’t have a squat rack, better do this with no more weight than you can overhead press.

10 reps in the middle third of the full squat, in other words, centered around parallel. 10 reps in the lower third of the squat, from rock bottom to, I don’t remember, maybe parallel or just below. Then 10 reps in the top third: you know, the sort of reps that most guys call full squats but which don’t get to parallel. THEN 10 reps that are full range.

This is truly vicious.

Oh, and of course, all this is slow and controlled, especially the negatives.

If you do this, don’t blame me, I don’t
recommend it.