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Biceps Excersizes For Better Pull-Ups



I am trying to improve my ability to do pull-ups. I can do about 12 right now, and want to get up to 25.

Which bicep excersize is best for increasing pull-up ability?

I already know that hammer curls are supposed to be good.

Thanks a lot


Since I started doing heavy BB rows my pull-ups have gotten a lot stronger. Maybe give those a try.


Easy. Pullups!

Why 25?
What's your limiting factor right now?
What gives out 1st, your grip or lats?

You know the answer and hold the key to success.

Good luck


to add what the other posters have already stated, which are all good, try weighted pull ups, 5x5 for a couple of workouts then go back with just body weight for a couple workouts


it's a kinda magic! lots and lots of pullups


Besides knowing your weak spots, you may also try doing pull ups with added weight when you do this on your last set do negitives.


If you are trying to increase the strength of your biceps for your "Pull-ups" (palms away on the bar) then I would suggest doing "Chin-ups" (palms toward you on the bar).

Train them first in your session. Do three sets of Chin-ups. Stop 2 reps before failure. Then do one set of Pull-ups. That's four total sets.

I don't like working with weight every session if you are trying to go for reps (as you stated).

Do the Chin Pull-up rotine three times per week. If you feel you really want to work with weight keep it light 10lbs. to 15lbs. is enough.

to hit the 25 reps (which is your goal) you need to get the body used to flushing out the lactic acid. And you also need to work the proper muslce fibers as well. These things do not get trained properly (for high reps) when you work with heavy weights and low reps.

Good Luck,