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Biceps excercise. WOW

I like standing barbell curls. But, with my new weight set, i ahve a little more freedom, and can do a few more excercises. Everyone puts too much lower body into curls eh? So i sat down. I loaded up my dumbells, and let my arms hand down, plams facing each other. Then i did alternating curls, each time returnign the hand to the facing inward rock bottom position. WOW.
INCREDIBLE pump. 20 minutes later, and my arms still HURT. and I know my arms were doing the work, too. Try this excercise sometime. You WILL be pleased.

you mean ahammer curl? Never heard of it…
:slight_smile: Groove

Tiree…No need to done the Asbestos Gauch but…

Did you just “Enlighten” us with a description of seated alternating dumbell curls?

Please say you didn’t.

“It seems intuitively obvious to me, which means that it might be wrong”

~ Chris Torek

i read about that in Muscle and Fitness! laters pk

holy shit dude, you are a total innovator. how did you come up with that idea? i predict someday you will be the next joe weider.

Yah. I did. I found them great. and it seems theres a big push for standing barbell curls.